7th and 8th Grade News for week of 12/14

Happenings this week!

Hello Parents/Guardians!

We are beginning the last week of school with a lot of announcements. The week is going to be hectic so please bear with us. Any help is appreciated! Please contact me for more information.

Christmas Pageant Rehearsals

Students will be rehearsing for the Christmas pageant all week long during this week. It is important that all students bring their instruments EVERY DAY so they can practice. Also, if your student has a part in the play, we ask that they come to school this week with their costumes ready. Some students are borrowing costumes from the school, but we do not have much. Your student will know what it is that they need, if anything, regarding their costume.

Christmas Pageant Thursday December 17, 2015

Students will be performing an all-school Christmas Pageant on the 17th of December in the school's auditorium and you are invited! The Pageant will begin at 6:30pm, but we would like for you to bring your child around 6pm or earlier so that we can get them set up and get them ready as soon as possible.

Las Posadas December 18th, 2015

This Friday, with the help of Lizbeth, our kitchen manager, we plan on putting on a huge get together for the students during lunch. Everyone in the class must bring a dish, whether it be a main dish or a side dish or a drink. (Families with younger siblings, may bring just one dish from the whole family.) You can bring your dish to the school cafeteria at 11am. Each grade will have a labeled table so that you know where to put your dish when you or your student brings it. Additionally, parents are welcome to stay for the party to help out, volunteer, or just join in the fun. However, if you plan on joining us, please email me ASAP, and in one capacity you plan on joining us. Please email me or Lizbeth with any questions regarding this event.

Student Secret Santa

The students wanted to do something for Christmas and came to me with the idea that we could do a Secret Santa event on Friday the 18th. I thought it was a great idea and instantly had the students draw names and pick a random student in the class to whom they must give a present too.

Students decided on a price limit of $20, but if that seems like too much to spend on an event like this, you can also have your student make/bake/or create something inexpensive to use as a Christmas present. We will be exchanging gifts on Friday the 18th, and students who do not bring a gift, will not receive one. Questions, comments, or concerns about this can also be addressed to me via email.

Spirit Day on Friday the 18th

Students will be encouraged to wear Red and Green colored clothes this Friday. This day is not a free dress day, but students will be able to wear clothes that day that have a majority of either red or green on it. Students with the most Chrsitmas-y attire will win a prize from Mr. Gabe.

Academic Stuff

Students will have little to no homework this week. They have just been given their Poetry Unit final assignment that is due December 18th. Students must write a poem that falls under one of theses 5 categories: Free Verse, Blank Verse, Sonnet, Haiku (3), Sestina. They have been taught what these all are in extensive detail, and have "cheat sheets" that explain the structure of the poem they chose. Aside from this, I do not want the students focused on anything else academic while at home. They should be either practicing for the pageant, or working on their poem. If you have any questions regarding the final poetry assignment that's due Friday of this week, please email me.

Merry Christmas to all of you and I hope God sends you and your families the warmest and most loving holidays this season!