The Great Aussie Bush Camp

By Ben T. 5/6S

The Camp

On the 19th of June 2013 Stage 3 went on a camp to the Great Aussie Bush Camp. We had to arrive at school by 7.30am. It took 2 and a half hours to get to the camp. When we got their we got split into our camp rooms. I was in Cabin 4, room 2. My cabin mates where Louie, David, Angus, Cohen and Viruna. After unpacking we got split into our day group. My group leader's was Emma.

Activity One:

The first activity for the day was Rock Climbing. The Goal: Reach the top. My group for the rock Climbing was Viruna, Michael W, David and Nathan. It was quite challenging to get to the top but I did it i completed my goal. So 1/1 goals complete

Activity Two:

Our group was meant to do canoeing but it was raining. So instead we did Lost. The Goal: To complete Lost. Lost involves lots of mud. It was really cold. The obstacles were pipe tunnels, tyre ladders, tyre parkours and crawling. But after all that tiring work I completed it and completed me goal. So 2/2 goals complete. But my shoes were completely wet. Then did some night activities, then went to sleep.

Food on Day One:

Lunch: Burgers

Afternoon Tea: Snow Cones

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognese

Desert: Ice-cream, Hot chocolate and cookies!

Activity Three:

Once we had woke up at 6:00 we went to have breakfast at The Rocks. Our third activiy was the giant swing. The Goal: to go to the top (13m) and swing. Most of our group went to the top. When it was my turn I was nervous, because I'm scared of heights. But still i went to the top pulled the rope and swang on the giants swing. It was awesome!!!! I completed the goal. So 3/3 goals complete

Activity Four:

The fourth activity was canoeing. My goal: to not capsize. Some of the activities that we did were fruit salad, Romeo and Juliet, Stuck in the Mud, Water Polo and relays. It was really fun and i didn't capsize. So 4/4 goals complete.

Activity Five:

The fifth activity was a rainforest walk.The Goal: to complete the walk. The walk was short but they leaders talked about how a famliy used to live in the rainforest. Once we got back we had some apples. So 5/5 goals complete.

Activity Six:

The sixth activity was the sand dunes!!! The goal: to reach the top of the sand dunes and go down it. It was really hot their. Getting up to the top was really hard. But eventually I got to the top of the dunes. Jumping down was really cool. So 6/6 goals completed.

Activity Seven:

The seventh activity was county fair. The point of this was to run your own store. My team got the arcade store. The goal: to raise more than $1000. Lots of people came to our store. Me and michael were boss at one of the really had games. We got to the final level for it. The result for the money in our team was $1350. So 7/7 goals complete Then we went to bed.

Food On Day Two:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, Toast and spaghetti.

Lunch: Sandwich

Afternoon tea: Snow Cones.

Lunch: Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice.

Activity Eight:

The eighth activity was archery. The goal: to hit the target. It was really hard to use the bow. I was so close to hitting the target every time. So 7/8 goals complete.

To Be Continued.............