Oregon Trail

By: Simone Ostler (William Stone)

Journal Entry #1

September 27, 1843

We set off today for Oregon with heavy hearts. My best comrade had died the night before leaving me to take care of his son Alec who is fourteen years of age. Willow and I discussed what would have to be sacrificed in order to fulfill his wishes. Lilianna seemed to overjoyed to be going west while our little Rose was too sleepy to fully comprehend what was taking place. We have met up with other wagon trains to lessen the danger.

We were going at a wonderful pace until out of no where we came upon the Missouri River. Willow and I discussed taking the ferry but decided against it. We have such little money and we did not want to waste it so quickly into our journey. We braved the river and made it safely across! After traveling for a bit more we went hunting. Although the hunt was successful i broke my rifle in the process. I received twenty-five dollars as well.

Journal Entry #2

October 11, 1843

Today could be called eventful in the least. There was a lot of bad luck amongst us. One wagon train in our group had a member of their family's leg run over! Then we had an encounter with a tribe of Native Americans. Our elected wagon leader went head to head with other wagon train leaders with a small chance of being rewarded.

We did it! We won the challenge and were rewarded with blankets and dried beef. Not long after our wagon train had reached another river. I made the decision to ford the river once again. Again God has shone his light on us and we made it across safely. Another one of the wagon train's luck has turned around, his wife was blessed with a baby! As the next few hours dragged by we came across a fork in the road. Although we chose the side that was rumored to be much more dangerous I believe the Burial Grounds trail is the right one for us.

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Journal Entry #3

November 20, 1843

More bad luck is in the air. We were one of the more fortunate ones and did not get attacked by the Native Americans. Poor little Rose she clung to her sister and mother when they first started attacking us. After the Native American ordeal was over we continued on our way a little shaken up. Once again we reached a river.

I am ashamed of myself. Choosing to ford the river this time was a poor one. We crossed the river in no time at all but we lost Alec. Willow insists that he is happier now but I feel the guilt is going to eat me alive. Our luck finally ran out, we were attacked and I lost my right arm.

Journal Entry #4

December 2, 1843

Although it is not officially winter yet it sure feels like it. We are nearing Oregon when Willow warns me that we should turn back otherwise we are not going to make it. Hesitantly I agree to turn back and wait for spring before going any further. When we make it back to the camp I wonder if this was the right choice. Will there be any land left.

March 11, 1844

Choosing to wait out the winter was a smart decision. We are the only wagon train to make it to Oregon. Although we have very little supplies we are working on collecting more. We have lost many dear friends along the way. I am very thankful that we made it and against all the odds I still have my loving family.

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