We are Learning & Having Fun in K-1

Happy 100th Day of School & Happy Valentine's Day! <3

What We Are Learning...

Last week, we learned all about Groundhog's Day, and are so happy that Spring may be on its way! We also used our Character Trait of the month, HONESTY, as a springboard for our writing. The kids had some great things to share about when they were honest.

This week, we were so busy between the 100th day of school and Valentine's Day. We continued to learn how to "tap" out words and are learning numbers past 20. We drew ourselves as "100 year old" people, which was great preparation for our "100 Year Old" teachers who came in to visit us!

The kids had a great time eating the delicious "jello jigglers" and fruit salad for our "Red Snacks" party. Thank you to our class Mom, Mrs. Baudille, for sending in all the supplies. We also had a great time exchanging our Valentines with our classmates. Please be sure to check the special one your teachers wrote for your child!


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Worth noting...

Great job as Star of the Week last week Christopher! Great job to Lukas as Star of the Week this week! Thanks to big sis Erika and Mom for coming in to read to us!

Bits & Bobbles...

  • With the cold weather upon us, indoor recess will be happening more frequently. When possible, the kids can go and play in the gym- but they MUST HAVE APPROPRIATE footwear. Sneakers are best. :)

  • With that being said, we are trying to build more breaks into the day for the kids to get the wiggles out. See below for a video that they really enjoyed.

  • Please check your child's folder every night

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, (PLEASE) label any and all money (in an envelope or baggie with your child's name) coming into the classroom. This is exceptionally important for lunch money. All it takes is "two loose lunch monies" to get mixed up.
Fundations random practice letters A - Z
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