After the fire – learning from the Mudgegonga experience

An open invitation to join us at our monthly meeting for this important presentation.

Following the devastating 2003 fires, the people of Mudgegonga got together to rebuild, repair and improve their community and their environment. Their story is a remarkable and inspiring one, with many lessons for us.

Mudgegonga Landcare Group played an important role both in the early disaster management and in the ongoing recovery work. Building a shared view of what the community wanted and needed, and developing a whole of landscape plan to identify and prioritise the most important recovery projects was critical.

Our speaker, Paul Carroll is a member of the Landcare leadership team that played a critical role in this work. Paul also brings his insight from his earlier experiences as a disaster recovery manager, including as a DEPI/DSE employee following the East Gippsland floods in 1998.

Mitta Valley Landcare Group is interested in considering how we might learn from these and similar experiences to strengthen our own community and environmental resilience, and Paul’s presentation will be followed by a discussion on next steps.

Come and Join Us

Saturday, Nov. 14th, 7pm

Eskdale Hall

Please let us know you’ll be coming by contacting the Secretary,

Doris Razeng – ph 0499977471