Sparkly Christmas Greetings

Last update of the year

my thanks

It is more than ever appropriate for me to start this last news update for 2014 with my sincere thanks for your support of Stella & Dot jewels and of me and my extended team this year. As you know back in September I was awarded the Spirit of Leadership Award which was sensational and then at the end of November with the support of my gorgeous team we became the very first STAR Director team in the whole of Europe. To say I was excited is an understatement and we could only have done this with the support of our customers so a big cheers to you. It has amazed and astounded me quite how successful my business has grown to be in just 3 short years with nearly 500 independent stylists all working to their own agendas and a continuing extraordinary collection of jewels and accessories from Blythe and her design team. It might amaze you to know that me and the team sold just shy of £460,000 of jewels in November alone, whew that's a lots of pairs of sparkle studs !!!

So tis almost time to say goodbye to one year and ring in the new and I have a preview of some of the new collection just to tempt you xx

Last minute shopping

Trunk Show Exclusive Offers

In case you have yet to have finished your shopping I have set up a Mystery hostess show on line in order to firstly enable you to shop and then take advantage opt the TSEO. Essentially when you spend £50.00 at a trunk show albeit an online one you can then shop from the pre selevicted pieces at HALF PRICE. But you do need to go through a trunk show link to get this so hence there is a link on this newsletter

Contact me

I am so looking forward seeing some of you in January and February at your launch shows already booked. If you'd like to help me launch the new collection then do get in touch re a date and, as always if you or someone you know would like to launch 2015 with their own joyful sparkly and altogether wonderful fashion business with the support of both me and the company then please get in touch. I am so grateful for this opportunity it would be my sincere pleasure to share. Earn £500.00 or £5000+ a month the choice is yours

so finally

again my thanks and love and best wishes to you . May you have a wonderfully joyous Christmas with your near and dear ones and I hope for all you hope for youselves for the new year

xoxox dennyx