We've worked hard & had some fun...

read all about the things we've done! 9/13/14


This past week, we were busy mathematicians! We started out the week using rulers to accurately measure lines and objects. We know that it is crucial that we begin measuring by finding either the zero on the ruler or beginning right at the edge of the ruler, otherwise our measurements will not be accurate. Working in small groups or pairs, we measured various zigzag paths in inches and added the measurements together to find the total distance of each path. Towards the end of the week, we were exploring using meter sticks and tape measures to measure objects in our classroom to the nearest inch. As we measured, we needed to determine which measuring tool was the best for the job. For instance, a ruler was not best for measuring our classroom door because it is not long enough. It was such a joy to observe everyone eager to get their hands on these tools and get to work measuring! One friend brought in a metal tape measure from home to share with the class. Our classroom tape measures are not metal and are only 5 feet long, so it was quite exciting to see one that is 25 feet long!

At home, your child may enjoy measuring items using a ruler or tape measure. Practicing basic addition & subtraction math facts is always beneficial in increasing speed and accuracy.

Spelling & Sight Words

On Friday we took our first spelling test of the year. Your child is assigned one of three lists based on how he/she performs on the pretest each unit. The Unit 2 list came home with your child on Friday as well. We will work with these words and the pattern (Next week is the short e sound.) during the week, but your child may need to practice them a bit at home too. Practice may include sorting words beginning with the short e sound and those with the sound in the middle of the word, writing each word in a sentence, reading the words, or taking a practice test at home. I'm looking into spellingcity.com to see what it would require for me to create an account for our class. I'll let you know more when I do!

Next week your child will bring home our Week 3 sight words. These words are also practiced at school, but can be kept in the Words to Practice envelope at home. Your child may already be able to read these words. If that is the case, the next task would be learning to spell them correctly. In second grade we have 160 sight words, so there are 16 lists each consisting of 10 words.

Reading & Writing

During our whole group reading we read The Library, which is a Poppleton short story. We focused on making a text to self connection and vocabulary building. Later in the week, we began working with another story featuring this main character called Poppleton and the Grapefruit.

We have continued practicing our Daily 5 centers which we will work on independently when Mrs. Palermo begins meeting with small groups. So far we have been practicing Read to Self, Word Work, and SMART board. Next week we will be introduced to the remaining centers.

This past week, we officially began our Narrative writing unit. Everyone was thrilled to receive their own Tiny Moments notebook! We began thinking of small moments to write in the notebook as future topics. We were getting the hang of picking out the tiny moments, rather than a big event. For example, instead of writing about an entire day at a water park, choosing to write about that one time when the large bucket dumped on your head. Narrowing the focus to the smaller moment allows for more detail and helps to keep our young writers focused so they do not get off topic!

Social Studies

Our social studies topic is communities. This week, we identified that a community is a place where people can live, work, learn & play. As we explored various types of transportation in a community and defined the word transportation, we created an amazing list of examples! We noticed that the word "transport' is a part of this larger word, and that helped us define it.

Things to Remember or Make Note of...

-We will visit the library on Thursday, September 18th since students do not have school Friday. Your child should return books by Thursday so he/she can check out new ones!

-Our next spelling test will be Thursday, September 18th since there is no school for students on Friday.

-We will have our first D.A.R.E. session this Thursday. Second graders have 4 sessions, one each week for 4 weeks.