A Letter from Daddy.

A short presentation by Ian Crosby.

On the 17th of December, 1944, a Marine lieutenant, Leonard Isacks, Jr. wrote a letter to his sons. This is that letter and a short discussion of it.
In the letter he would talk to his children about Christmas and how they should do all that they could to help their mother around the house and with their young sister. He would explain to them why he was fighting, and why the country had to fight the war, from his point of view; telling them that it was the right of no nation or people to control in any way the lives of any other.
It would be, to the extent of my research, the last time his family would here from him. He was wounded on the 20th of February, 1945 and died of his wounds on the 21st. He was buried at sea at the young age of 34.


I believe that this document is important, not because of it's report of battlefield encounters or historic dates, regarding the engagements around which it was written, but rather because of the insight it provides into the life of one man, his family and his thoughts.