Fifth Grade Flash

April 25-29

Knights of the Week

Congratulations to these Knights for their positive attitudes!

Zachary Dunlap

Drew Eldridge

Violet Santillanes

Ashlyn Dolton


Happy Birthday to Macy Marr!

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation is coming up next week May 2-6! Each class has adopted a teacher who doesn't have a classroom of students. Here are the teachers that each class adopted:

Mrs. Chapates- Ms. Jennifer Gerard

Mrs. Cooper- Ms. Laure Dalluge

Mrs. Hardin- Ms. Barb Crowley

Mrs. Timmons- Ms. Christine (Thi)

World Culture's Day

World Culture's day is on May 20th. This year 5th grade's continent is North America. Don't forget to bring popped popcorn for our continent's snack. Remember, if you are interested in creating a booth from a country that you have visited, please sign up! It will be a great day full of fun and learning!

Science STAAR test

The Science STAAR test is on May 11th. The students have been working hard in their review stations with Mrs. Chapates. We know that they will rock this test!

Writing Tutoring

Mrs. Franks, the 6th grade ELA teacher, is retiring this year. She is an amazing teacher, and she would like to continue to help students with their writing. She is offering writing and reading tutoring starting this summer for kids in grades 4-7. If you are interested in joining her with the tutoring, please contact her at her school email

Thinking Outside the Box with STEM!

Climbing the Hills of History


A Birds' Eye View of Math


Read S'more Books, Write S'more Stories


Take a Hike through Science