Please Read Thoroughly

Thank you for reviewing these important reminders

Nap Time

The Learning Cottage does not permit Pick up / Drop off during the hours of 11 AM - 2 PM in our classrooms with ages 1 yr - 5 yrs. This is due to the classroom either already entering nap time or beginning the resting process. Entering the classroom for any reason during these hours disrupts those who are sleeping.

If you have a scheduled meeting with your building staff or simply need to pick up paperwork please be sure to call your building manager and we will be sure to meet you at the front office.

Health Policy

Your child's heath, as you know, is very important to us at The Learning Cottage Preschool. We do our very best to communicate illnesses and help prevent the spread of possible contagious viruses by maintaining a consistent illness policy, cleaning toys, rugs, and beds daily, and general communication. We Kindly ask that you "help us, help you." There are many ways we can work as a team to prevent illnesses at school.

  • Be sure to communicate with your building director any possible symptoms that your child may be experiencing, have been diagnosed with, or symptoms that occurred over a weekend. By doing this we can easily be more aware as a staff and answer any parent concerns.
  • Please be sure to review the sick policy located on our web page in the parent handbook. The Most common mistake made is: Returning to school to early. If your child has been sent home you may ONLY return after 24 hr has passed UN-MEDICATED.This means after 24 hrs AFTER this medication has worn off and you are sure the child's symptoms have not returned.
  • Please DO NOT send your child to school with Tylenol as this is a medication that can mask the symptoms of a virus and allow it to be spread more easily.


  • Lunch should NOT contain any high sugar foods or candy- this will be sent back home if in lunch box. Please be sure to provide proper utensils for your child if needed.
  • Please be sure lunches are NUT FREE. There is a wonderful substitution called Sun- Butter!

Thank You For Helping Us Keep A Safe And Healthy Environment For Growing Minds!


Ashley and Aimee