Kingdoms Of Africa

By: Chas Pedersen

the kingdom of Ghana

Location- Upper Niger Valley, between the Sahara and the tropical forests along the coast of west Africa

Government- They had no laws in the kingdom, they relied on thousands of troops to protect the city and keep order in the kingdom.

Economy- Most of the citizens were farmers. But Ghana was well known for their iron and gold they were the center of trade for gold and made armor and weapons out of the iron. When trading gold they received things such as horses textiles and most importantly salt.

Collapse-the Ghana empire collapsed in the early 11th century because of the Arabs whom invaded Ghana and took it over this was closed the Almoravid movement.

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The Kingdom of Mali

Location- on the Atlantic coast but extends inland towards the city of Timbuktu.

Government- they had a strong government ruled by kings

Economy- their economy consisted of gold and salt trade, but most if the people in the empire were farmers who grew grains such as sorghum, millet, and rice.

Collapse- By 1359 the empire collapsed to due earlier separation of 3 provinces which eventually broke out into a civil war dividing Mali into 3 different nations.

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The Kingdom of Songhai

Location- On the Niger River south of Timbuktu

Government- It was a strong government that prospered due to a king named Kossi who the city to Islam and established the Dia Dynasty. The empire was split into 2 provinces each under control under a governor.

Economy- Kossi conquered many areas such as Timbuktu which gave him control of the gold and salt trade which made his empire thrive for ages to come.

Collapse- it fell during the late 16th century when Kossi died and succession broke out between the 2 provinces.

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