Tu Fu Tofu

China's finest restaurant

By: Trakeva, Nicole & David

Stuffed Mice and Turtle Stew

This soup is composed of the most scrumptious turtle in the area. The mice we used are all natural, caught right in our kitchen. All of the vegetables we use are grown locally and picked fresh daily.$10.95

Three Meat Stew

This delicious soup has goose, lamb, and minced pork. It has glutinous rice, salt, ginger, vinegar, soy paste, ginseng root, and many more vegetables.


Today's Special Desert: Stone Honey 'Cakes'

This is an interesting item made of honey and milk. It is very sweet and fluffy. Our cakes are world renown.

Emperial Fruit Punch

Our special drink is the Emperial Fruit Punch. It consists of freshly picked grapes, plums, pears, jujubes, bananas, mangos, tangerines, kumquats, and Chinese apples.