Beyond The Shave

Megan Angle's October Newsletter

Megan Angle Level 2 Consultant

EEk! How can it already be October!! Time is FLYING! September has been a GREAT month for my Rodan and Fields business. I was able to go to our annual convention which was held in Austin. Over 10,000 consultants attended. It was so motivating to meet so many business savvy encouraging women. The R+F community is really the most supportive work environment I have ever experienced! We learned a lot at convention and we have some really exciting news to share that you will see peppered throughout the newsletter. Please know that REFERRALS are the life blood of my business. Send me a referral and I'll send you a thank you gift!!
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Rodan and Fields Newest Product: BEYOND THE SHAVE FOR MEN

At convention Rodan and Fields released their latest product BEYOND THE SHAVE FOR MEN. Step 1 is a sulphur wash that cleans out pores and also softens facial hair. Step 1 is to be used as a shaving cream. Step 2 is our sensitive skin treatment which is to be used immediately after shaving. Facial hair twists as it is cut. It is also 8 times thicker than other hairs on your body which can cause facial redness. Step 2 will remedy that. Lastly, Step 3 is our Redefine am cream. Men's skin is thicker than women's and is most susceptible to damage from UV rays. Step 3 has broadband SPF 30 protection. Treat the man in your life to great skin! Msg me for more details!!
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Rodan and Fields will be expanding to Australia in Fall 2016! If you have any friends or family in Australia that might be interested in the business, I want to know about them! The consultants on the ground floor see the MOST SUCCESS!!

Team Member Spotlight--KATHY STANTON

Kathy and I have known each other for 8 years. We became good friends as coworkers at Indoor Direct, a start up company. The company failed but our friendship survived! Kathy was one of my early customers when I started selling Rodan and Fields products. She saw remarkable changes in her skin after just a few weeks. Kathy recently left her job in corporate America and joined my R+F team so she could be a Stay at Home mom to her 6th grader Luke and 2nd grader Grace. Kathy has seen tremendous success in her business. In fact, last month she was one of the top 16 earners in our entire organization which has over 200 sales consultants! Want to earn a side income or even replace your existing income, please email or call me. I would love to discuss the opportunity with you!

Cocktails and Cyber Conversations

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 7-9pm

7279 Kentwood Frisco, TX 75034

If you are curious at all about owning your own business with Rodan + Fields and what that would look like, join me (in a city near you!) and my team for a laid back, fun happy hour to learn a little more about why partnering with the Drs who created Proactiv is possibly the smartest business decision of our decade.

Through live video streaming, you will get to hear briefly from me and some of the TOP leaders in this company who also happen to be some of my very best friends!

Message me ASAP and I'll send you the location closest to you! All guests will be put into a raffle to win one of three Apple Watches!
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UNBLEMISH RANKED #1 Premium Acne Brand in the US

Unblemish treats the entire acne cycle. Did you know it take 2-3 weeks for a pimple to form. Treating the acne you see does not cure the cycle. Email me for more info.