Queen Acheflow

Giving Orders

Keeping Things Together

Once again the queen is trying her best to keep things together, but currently at the moment everyone is out of control.

Just recently she cast someone out of her kingdom.

Cast Out

Begging for mercy for what he has done.

No one can save him now everything he has done has caught up to him.

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Life after being Cast Out

Sad and sorrowful cast out of the kingdom.

After disobeying the Queen Acheflow he was banned from her kingdom.

No longer will he be able to return to her kingdom under any circumstances.

The Wife of Bath's Tale - animated

The End of Things

So news just came in that the gentleman cast out raped a young lady.

Instead of being hanged Queen Acheflow banished him from her kingdom, and his is also no longer welcomed to enter or even come into contact with her people.