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March 20, 2015

Quote of the Week

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

~Benjamin Franklin

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The Good Stuff!

Where do we FOCUS our energy?

It doesn't take a Rocket Surgeon (inside joke) to understand that human energy is a limited commodity. At this time of the school year, it seems our energy levels start to decline faster and faster. We can conserve and protect our energy by maintaining a ZOOM FOCUS on the things we have control over. Hosford's dictionary defines Zoom Focus as a singled-minded determination to do what needs to be done by blocking out the negative noise that constantly tries to distract our efforts. (I think that means it's a verb...) What's that? You want an alternative definition? Here it is - prioritizing your priorities. At this time of the year, our priorities are simple:

1. Support yourself - health and wellness

2. Support one another - "Lean on Me"

3. Support our students - individualize instruction, gradually release responsibility and communicate with families and student support systems

Everything else is just noise trying to distract our efforts and consume our energy.

The awesome quote above from Mr. Franklin rings true every single second of every single day in our profession. So much comes at us that is out of our control - a student's home life, a student's learning style/ability, weather, State testing, a new State Superintendent (just announced today) with a new vision and new goals, you get the picture. We can spend our precious energy having negative thoughts about our situations or efficiently use it to demonstrate persistence in what we need to accomplish.

We have less than 50 days of school left.

Where will you focus your energy?

Class of 2019

If the fact that we have less than 50 days didn't blow your mind...

Our incoming 9th graders started registering for YOUR classes this week! BOOM!!! A large part of the 2015-2016 school year has already begun! Major KUDOS to Deb and Ben for their efforts visiting both middle schools this week to give our future 9th graders some expert direction.

Common Assessment Data Analysis

Thank you for your collaboration this week (and next if needed) with our Trimester 2 Common Assessment data review. I am excited with our start to this process and look forward to improving on our culture of self-reflection and data driven decision making.

Reminder that the Data Review Worksheets are due to Sherry by next Friday, March 27.

RHS Variety Show

If you haven't attend this show in a while, or even yet this year, I would HIGHLY recommend it! The last show of the season is tonight. The curtain rises at 7:00 pm tonight and tickets are $7 at the door.

We have 19 Freshmen that earned the right to perform in the Variety Show this week. Kinda pretty AWESOME!!

Next Week Events

March 21 - Rockford EXPO

March 23 - Board Meeting @ Administration Office - 7:30pm

March 24 - Staff Appreciation Event - Chiro Health Chair Massages during Lunch

March 25 - Wacky Wednesday - Super Hero Day

March 27 - Staff Breakfast - Counseling Office

Upcoming Events

April 3 - No School

April 6 - 10 - Spring Break - No School

April 13 - Late Start PD Day (Staff report to building for 7:30am Meeting)

April 14 - PAC Meeting

April 14 - BIT Meeting

April 15 - Department Head Meeting

April 16 - Fire Drill @ 7:45am

April 17 - Staff Breakfast - English Department

Educational Resources

New Things To Try in 2015

In a follow up from last week's newsletter, I came across this thought provoking article. In a similar message, it challenges you to try something new this year within your classroom. It has some examples to accomplish within the next 5 days, 5 weeks and 5 months. Give it a shot!!!!!

15 Nutritious Breakfasts for Busy People

Outstanding blog entry from myfitnesspal regarding quick and simple breakfast meals for busy people (like you) which will help give you the needed ENERGY to maintain your ZOOM FOCUS!

The Funnies - Education Edition