Please Stop Laughing At Me

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Jodee Blanco always wanted to fit in. When she started to get bullied, her parents tried to help by switching schools, but nothing would help. She still had her own opinion, which caused her to get bullied by other students. As she got into high school at a new school, at first everything started out fine until she did something that the other students didn't like. So she stopped eating and caring about everything. After twenty years, Jodee is invited to her high school reunion. She decides to go, but when she gets there, she won't get out of the car because she's afraid she will be laughed at. She finally goes inside and everyone greets her with warm welcomes and conversations. She ends up having a great time and she could finally forgive her bullies.

Character analysis

Jodee Blanco is the main character she was born in 1964. She got an education at Carl Sandburg High school. She's made 7 books that have all been really popular but her most famous book is Please Stop Laughing At Me which each book sells from $10 too $20.
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Jodee Blanco encountered a conflict of Character vs. Character. Jodee (Character) is being bullied by other students at her school (Character).


Don't let others ruin your future because you probably will meet them later and you guys will forgive each other.
Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco

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book review

i'd rate my book a 5 because the book started off fast and i was quickly into it i loved reading about jodee's life story i loved the ending where they all got along.

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