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Week 29 - Spring Is Here - Tweet It Up Buttercup!

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28th Week In Review...

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GHO Confirmed - April 6th @ 3:15 Library "Amplify"

SHE IS A TEACHER YA'LL!!! (wrote the book from the trenches - you DO NOT want to miss this) THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!!!!

Doesn't matter if you read the book - Come Join The Love!

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The Next Big Tech Thing? LOL!

Google Cardboard Plastic
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GHO - Confirmed April 13th @ 3:30 Library "Worlds Of Making"

Laura is a teacher too! She's gonna hit all out questions regarding Makerspaces! This is gonna be EPIC!!!!

You DO NOT want to miss this!!!

Join Us - Doesn't matter if you read book!

Worlds of Making
Love Fridays

...miss me some Bernie Mac! :) DO YOURSELF A FAVOR - WATCH THIS MOVIE ! For me, one of the funniest movies EVA!

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