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Semester Wrap-Up

Last Day to Submit Assignments: June 10th by 11:30pm

Final Exam Day: June 7th at 10:00am

Semester Review Session Dates: June 1st, 3rd, 6th

Study Guide - Semester Review (ANSWERS)

Study Guide - Semester Review (QUESTIONS)

Next Week 5.31.16

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Poetry of Ideas Review

I hope you don't miss our review session today, but in case you do CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME REVIEW QUIZ!!

Next Week (May 23 - May 27)

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Friday 5.20.16 - LC 8.05

We brilliantly discussed "The Battle of Blenheim" by Southey today. Indulge yourself and listen to our conversation HERE.

You can listen to the poem below:

Wednesday 5.18.16

Dylan Thomas and his poem "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night" were the topic of our conversations.

We also worked on 8.03 Graded Assignment.

Take a listen HERE.

How to Find Your Missing Assignments

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Tuesday 5.17.16

Even though we don't meet for English class today, I do have some resources for today's lesson.

Below is a quick overview of the poem Ozymandias

Below is some background info on the real Ozymandias.

Monday 5.16.16

We are beginning our last unit of the semester and hopefully it is an enjoyable one.

Emily Dickinson starts us off with two excellent poems.

Take a listen to class HERE.

Romeo and Juliet Unit Test

Friday 5.13.16

You should take your Romeo & Juliet Unit Test today (there is a link above).

Here is what we've got going on over the next week:

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Thursday 5.12.16

Small Group - Romeo and Juliet Review

We played Kahoot to review the multiple choice questions on the Romeo and Juliet Unit Test.

View our game HERE

Good luck on your test!

Wednesday 5.11.16

We had AMAZING discussions in class today as reviewed the entire tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

We talked about Rising Action, the Climax (and the controversy), Falling Action, and of course the Resolution.

We hit the major Themes Shakespeare so eloquently displays throughout this drama as well.

If you missed class or would like a review, listen HERE.

Video: Spark Notes Review of R & J

Monday 5.9.16

After a quick weekend, we are right back into Romeo and Juliet and wrapping it up!

Today, we worked on your graded assignment [Romeo and Juliet So Far] HERE is a link for that.

This assignment is Due TODAY!

Next Week (May 9 - May 13)

We are finishing up Romeo and Juliet next week. This year is almost over!

Here is your pacing guide for the week. I will have the rest of the year paced out soon.

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Friday 5.6.16

Yay to Friday!

You've made it through ALL of your required testing and you're still alive!

If you missed class, (HERE is the recording) we had a work day. We reviewed how to view your course grade, how to find out if you have any zeros, and looked at possible Extra Credit Points!

Check out the list below.

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Monday 5.2.16

Today we kicked off Spring NWEA Testing. So, we did not hold regular class sessions!

You are still responsible for assignments. Below is your pacing guide:

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You MUST use your book:


to complete these quizzes!

If you do not have this book, click HERE to access it online. #noexcuses

Audio Version

If listening is easier than reading, try this Audio Book.

ALL of Act I is roughly 45 minutes long.

Shakespeare in Modern Language

If you're like the rest of us, reading Shakespeare takes patience. And, if you're anything l like me, patience is a virtue that I haven't been bestowed as of yet.

For us, SparkNotes made this amazing resource: A MODERN LANGUAGE VERSION of Romeo and Juliet! YES! every single Act and Scene have been translated to modern day language.

Click on the hyperlink above (modern language version) if you're having trouble reading R&J. It's super helpful!

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Monday 4.25.16

Today doth make a good day! We introduced Shakespeare in class and the great tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

Here is the recording. Be sure to listen if you missed class.

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Monday 4.18.16

We are wrapping up our Theme Unit this week.

Today, your ROUGH DRAFT 5.04 is due.

Both the essay and the visual representation/poster DRAFTS are due into dropbox 5.04 today.

*If you are submitting a link for me to view, paste it into a word document and submit the word document.

*If you are unsure how to submit to dropbox, click HERE.

You should have already turned in your planning assignment 5.02 to Dropbox. Each assignment has a separate 5.02 within your lesson:

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I am working diligently to grade all of your assignments. I assure you they will be graded by Thursday evening. Giving you class time on Friday to make adjustments as necessary.

You will not have Class Connect with me on Fridays. We are dedicating time on Fridays to prep for the NWEA test. So, you'll meet with your NWEA Small groups.

HERE is today's recording.

Student Example - Theme Project

Below is an exemplary student example.
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Wednesday 4.6.16

Today we will be reviewing your Theme Unit Options.

You may listen HERE.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

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Theme Project Pacing Guide

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Monday 4.4.16

LC 5 - Theme Essay / Project

We are beginning our Theme Essay/Project today.

Listen HERE to the explanation of your assignment options.

You may choose between creating a visual representation of a theme from a piece of writing you've read this year OR creating a 2-4 page essay by completing each lesson of the Unit in the OHS.

We will review the details of the assignment and create an example in Wednesday's Live Session.

I will update this page often.

Final Draft Rubric

This explains how your points are awarded on your FINAL DRAFT (5.09)
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Rough Draft Rubric

This explains how your points are awarded on your ROUGH DRAFT (5.04)
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Wednesday 3.23.16

We covered (my favorite poet) Robert Frost's poem Mending Wall.

Listen to it in the Video Link below, then view the Class Session.

HERE is the live session if you'd like to take a listen.

Monday 3.21.16

We began our week-long unit on poetry today.

Take a listen to Lesson 4.01 HERE.

Friday 3.11.16

We began Lesson 2.05 in class today.

HERE is the link to that recording.

HERE is the link to our Exit Ticket -- extra credit? maybe!

Wednesday 3.9.16

Today we finished up discussing Lesson 4.

We focused on the effects of Anne's writing on the reader.

Take a listen HERE.

Monday 3.7.16

It's a beautiful day outside and a beautiful day in class.

We began lesson 4 in our Anne Frank Unit.

Anne is all about making changes. Her personality is changing, her relationships are changing, and her perspective on life is changing too.

Check out today's recording HERE if you missed class.

Friday 3.4.16

Lots of technical difficulties today.

If you are in the 12:00pm session, you likely weren't able to join class at all (or until the very end). I wasn't able to enter the session until 12:45. Yikes.

HERE is a recording from the morning session.

We quickly finished up discussing MOTIF and worked on our 2.01 Assignment that was due.

The INTERIM ASSESSMENT has been postponed. If you already completed it, please send me a kmail.

Wednesday 3.2.16

We began Lesson 3 of Unit 2 today and covered a TON of material.

If you weren't present for class, consider listening HERE.

Monday 2.29.16

Today we listened to the Audiobook of Anne Frank. We covered pages 77-93.

Take a listen if you'd like to HERE

Friday 2.26.16

Lots of great conversations in Class today.

Here is the recording.

We made it ALL the way through Session 2 in class, so if you take a listen and understand everything, you won't ave to complete session 2 within your course!

Be sure you are keeping up with your reading. Monday we will be reading in class. Have your book with you!

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday 2.24.16

Today we finished Session 1 of Anne Frank. We covered all of the history leading up to the Franks going into hiding and discussed a bit of the literary aspects of the novel. We introduced characters, addressed the point of view, and identified the protagonist and antagonist.

HERE is the recording from our session.

REMEMBER!!!! You should be at page 77 by Friday. When we start session 2.

Below is a tour of the Secret Annex

Tour of the Secret Annex

Monday 2.22.16

Today, in class, we introduced Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl as our new Nonfiction Narrative class literature study.

We started session 1 and will continue that through Wednesday's class.

Today, we did a lot of preparation for our reading. We address the setting, the cultures, and the desperation German citizens were feeling leading up to the beginning of our book.

If you missed class, please take a LISTEN here and be sure to join us on Wednesday.

Wednesday 2.17.16

Hello everyone! Today's session focused on revision and proofing your Rough Draft.

You may listen to the recording, but I think you'll find that less helpful than being able to browse through the slides.

We broke out into rooms based on the comments/feedback that I left directly on your paper. You will have to access your Grademark document. I've linked below and HERE a guide to accessing that.

See you Friday!

Accessing the Markup Document

Here is a quick How To guide to access the comments I made on your paper. This is different than the feedback you received with your grade. Be sure to access this.


Here is a link to Wednesday's Class Connect.

This is what next week looks like. Keep working hard!

How to Double Space

HERE is a quick video tutorial to help you format your paper to Double Spaced.

One note, if you choose to add page numbers, please put your last name where the author of this video tells you to put the title.

Monday 2.8.16

Here is the recording of today's session: All About Citations!


Click HERE to access your updated Pacing Calendar.

Friday 2.5.16

Hello Everyone!

Unfortunately, I'm not feeling well. So today's session was quite short, but hopefully informative.

We covered some important material that you should know before completing your ROUGH DRAFT (DUE 2/8/16).

Click HERE to listen.

HERE is the link to your Exit TIcket.

Enjoy your weekend and keep writing!


Here is the LINK to today's session.

3.05 is due 2.3.16.

I will be grading these as quickly as possible. Please be patient :-) I have a ton to grade.

It's now time to begin your FIRST DRAFT (due 2.8.16).

Interim Assessment #3

If you missed your Class Connect today and still want an opportunity to get

15 points Extra Credit

you must complete your interim assessment by 11:30pm Friday (2.5.16).

Click HERE to take your assessment.

Friday 1.29.16

In case you missed it, or want to review, here is the link to today's CC session.

Here is a PDF of the lesson.

Enjoy your weekend and get some research done!!

Research Paper Guidelines

Due: Friday, February 19th

Formatting guidelines:

  • Word document
  • 1 inch margins
  • Times New Roman
  • 12 point font
  • double spaced
  • TAB key once to indent paragraphs
  • Title is also in Times New Roman 12 point font
  • 3-5 pages
  • Must follow MLA style and have a Works Cited Page.

Citation Resources

As you're researching, please keep strong notes of your sources and the information you are getting from those sources. Whether you use note cards or keep a notebook, this step is incredibly important!

As you begin to create your Works Cited Page (the page at the end where you give credit to the people that created the places where you got your work), you'll need to put your sources into MLA format. Here is a great website to enter your information and the site will spit out your citation! AWESOME.

Citation Machine

Outlining a Research Paper

If you're having trouble completing your outline, check this out right away!

Outline Maker


Writing a Thesis: Resource

I know firsthand that writing a thesis can be challenging. Here is a helpful resources as you figure out a thesis statement.

Final Draft Blog

Wednesday 1.27.16

Hello students!

Link to today's session: HERE

(unfortunately, I wasn't aware that all the recordings would run together until AFTER all of my sessions -- You may listen to the first session, or skip forward to your section. Every class got to the same spot today)

We are meeting today to discuss the research paper! How exciting. This is typically one of the most fun units for me. I love watching you grow into better, smarter, more clever students.

With that said, the research paper is a challenge. That's what we're supposed to do here though; challenge you, help you grow. Just know, that this challenge might seem tough, but you will get it. You will succeed if you try.

Small Group Sessions

Take the opportunity to get extra help in our small group meetings.

Meet Your Instructor!

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