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Oct 23-27, 2017

from J-

Parent Teacher Conference season is upon us. What a fabulous time to connect with parents and discuss the progress the their children they have entrusted us with. Because 15-20 minutes isn't enough time, please focus on what matters most (Hint - it is not the gradecard). Like most assessments, it is important but insufficient. If I were having a discussion with my staff, I would be asking them to focus on the whole child development, with focuses on reading and literacy skills, and what is/can be done and at home to support literacy. Other key topics would include math concepts, and their social and mental health. I came across this article that provided a parents perspective of things they wish teachers knew for conferences. May be worth a few minutes to reflect upon.

Happy full last week of October and National Principal Month! The work is challenging, and well worth it. Keep working to find joy and purpose int he daily grind - that's where the magic happens. #ThankAPrincipal

The Parent Teacher Conference Phrase Decoder

The common phrases spoken by teachers at all elementary school parent-teacher conferences from coast to coast - decoded :)

from Bret-

Here are 2 documents the PTA Executive Board wanted me to share with you:

1. Gertrude McBride application form.

2. CARE fund application.

Here is the Delta team agenda covered Thursday. Connect with you rep. for details.

At a conference this week, the presenter challenged us to reach out to Model Resonant Leaders who have impacted our own leadership journey. These individuals are people that have attributes that most resonate with us. In short, they are people we what to emulate in our leadership roles.

Turning Teaching Upside Down - The Power of Productive Struggle

Want to structure mathematics classrooms where prioritizing student thinking, reasoning and problem solving are valued every day? Check out this article by Cathy L. Seeley on the value of productive struggle in mathematics classrooms and learn what it looks and sounds like! #discourse #mathematical mindset.

from Marty Moore - Equity & Access-

World events have a way of sneaking into our daily life here in Springfield. For me it’s a reminder that we aren’t insulated from the issues swirling around us and at different points must respond appropriately and in a way that values the dignity of EVERY student – Every day. I must remember that it is not a question of if Bias Incidents will occur, but when, and how we can navigate through them successfully and grow the culture in our building. For more, click here.

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Panorama Coffee Talks

  • Friday, October 20 from 11-12 @ KAC
  • Thursday, October 26 from 8-9 @ KAC
  • Wednesday, November 1 from 8-9 @ KAC

SPS Assessment

As we begin to plan for spring MAP Grade-Level testing, please take this short quiz and provide your input on the district testing window by October 27, 2017.

EOC Second Quarter Testing Window - 12/5/17 through 12/13/17

SPS Analytics

SPS Analytics is deploying December 1, 2017. Report development is currently under way for all buildings as well as Special Programs. On December 1st, those groups can expect to have malleable data at their finger-tips-we’re going mobile! Stay tuned and follow-us on Twitter; we will soon communicate training opportunities and an updated project plan to reveal what is coming next. @SPSAnalytics