Rescuer & Bystander In Molestations

By: David Roubalik

Bystanders in Child Molestation

Most of the time the bystander is actually the victim! The victim is confused or just to scared to tell someone because of the consequences if the perpetrator finds out. Or the victim just thinks that the police or organization won't believe their story. According to 33% of people are reluctant to report suspected cases because they don't want to get involved. Most of other bystanders say that the particular person would never do something like that or they just plainly don't believe it. Domestic Violence also ties in with child abuse because the spouse is the abusive one in the family and the parent nor the child wants to speak out because they are scared to get hurt.

Rescuers in Child Molestation

The rescuers in child molestation are those who speak out about whats happening. Not everyone can have the guts to consult the person or tell a trusted adult or organization to take care of the situation. The biggest rescuer is DCFS (Illinois Department of Children & Family Services) they have been around to help children from abusive parents for a long time. It is very important for every one to speak out against child abuse because in America their were 899,000 children abused last year. So that means 12 out of every 1,000 children were abused before the age of 18.

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Child Abuse Hotline : 1-800-25-ABUSE

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Abuse

Q:How do you know if the Child is being abused?

A: There are many ways to know if the child is being abused but the most common is when the child is longing for affection of the parent.

Q: How to help the child?

A: Be there for the child and if it is very bad call the DFIC

Q:Signs of sexual abuse?

A: Kids going to bed fully clothed or Bruised to private area

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