The Fault In Our Stars

Author: John Green

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'' Apparently the world is not a wish granting factory.'' (Green 197-198)


The Fault in Our Stars is about Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters fighting cancer and falling in love at the same time. One day Hazel's mom made and Hazel go to support group in a church basement with other cancer patients ;and that's when she first met Augustus. Augustus had cancer earlier and he got his leg amputated and he attends support group the same day that Hazel was forced to go and that's when both of their adventures begin. The main thing that brings the two together was the book Imperial Affliction written by a man who now lives in Amsterdam to escape human society in America. Hazel writes the author of Imperial Affliction to see the end of the book which ends in a cliff hanger. Both Hazel and Augustus decide to fly to Amsterdam to get both their questions about the book but ends up being rejected by a drunk old man who has no life anymore. While in Amsterdam Augustus revels that he now has cancer and is quickly spreading throughout his body. Coming home from Amsterdam Augustus holds a pre-funeral so he can attend it and invites his friend and now girlfriend Hazel. Spoiler alert; after his pre-funeral Augustus later dies and Hazel is now left all by herself with nobody to hold or be held by.

Coming of Age

To me the book fits into ''Coming of age'' genre by showing that not all stories end up a happily ever after or how we want them to learn. This book also expresses the thought that not everything is not in our control and probably never will be. I also think that it fits into this genre because of the language it uses and the scenarios that go on in the book that describe the process of ''Coming of age.'' This book also applies to the genre because it gives us the true outlook of how not all of us will have huge name in history, but we all will leave a mark in history even if nobody knows it. In the book Hazel comments to Augustus about oblivion she basically says that everybody will eventually die and there will be nobody left to remember us or not. The last reason why I think this book belongs in this genre because of the way the characters are handling their situation and living the best life they can have. Instead of just condoning the cancer both characters still find a way to have a good time in life even though they both struggle with something. The title is ''The Fault in Our Stars'' and o me this applies to the genre because it say we all have a struggle in our life and we can always overcome it even if we might be dying.

Call to Action

To be honest I am not a big reader but I highly suggest reading this book and do see more about the book you can go to your local bookstore and read the back of the book or ask a retailor in the store to help you.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Ethos= In the book Hazel and Augustus both throughout the book both characters realize that the world is not a wish granting factory.

Pathos= Throughout the book especially at the end of the book there is so much sadness going on like when Augustus dies and then Hazel keeps thinking and saying that Augustus is dead and she misses him and its just a really emotional time period for Hazel.

Persuasive Techniques

Repetition= All through the book Augustus and Hazel keep repeating that the world doesn't always give you what you wish or hope for.

Ad hominem= In the book the two main characters both get like 'cancer perks' which is when people pay you sympathy because of cancer.