APUSH Advocate

December 7-11th

Tutoring Hours This Week:

Monday: None (Beaman not on campus)
Tuesday: Lunch, After School
Wednesday: After School
Thursday: After School
Friday: Lunch

Important Dates & Information

  • Test Corrections (EXTENDED) Due Monday 12/14 by 9 am
  • Election of 1828 Propaganda Video (Extra Credit) due Friday 12/11 by midnight.
  • Chapter 13 is due Monday 12/7 by 8:55am
  • Causes of the Civil War Mini Project (assigned Tuesday): Due Friday 12/11

If you still have your reform project to finish, make sure it is DONE and turned in this week!

Classroom News

Test Corrections have been extended! ALL students now have their scantrons sent to them on canvas that have taken the test. They will be due the Monday before final exams, at 9am.

Next week is final exams!!!

The final exam consist of 3 timed parts:
55 Multiple Choice Questions (55 minutes)
2 Short Answer Questions (25 minutes)
1 LEQ (40 minutes)

In order to ace your final exam, you NEED to start studying this week. Remember, half of the test will be made up of questions you have seen before. USE canvas to look up the previous questions and stimuli. The symbaloo for Periods 4 & 5 and final exam will be posted on Wednesday afternoon, and you will have a final review as well as a blog post to help you show how you studied for the final. THESE ARE DUE THE DAY OF YOUR FINAL.

YOU WILL NOT receive the curve on your final if you do not have the review complete by the day of your exam.

Topics of the Week

Tuesday: Sectionalism before the Civil War (mini project for HW)
Thursday: Causes of the Civil War
Friday: War!

In Honor of Manifest Destiny....

Territorial History of the USA: Every Month for 400 Years

This Week's Food For Thought:

About Beaman

Laurie Beaman is currently in her eighth year as an advocate for students at Lanier High School. Besides teaching AP US History, she also is the Head Girls Track Coach, the Campus Innovation Coach/Instructional Technology Consultant, and a Co-Literacy Coach. She is currently working on her National Board Teaching Certificate, as well as a Masters in History. Ms. Beaman has two young children with her husband Justin, who also works at Lanier.