Egypt Gossip

By Paris Friefeld and Zalika Lee


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Today Cleopatra has died after hearing the rumor that her boyfriend killed himself. She loved him so much that she killed herself as well. Cleopatra layed down and let poisonous snakes bite her. We will all miss her!


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Poor Thutmose III. Yesterday he found out about how Hatshepsut took his throne! He is now taking revenge! As read on a tablet, it is said that he will erase everything that was made by Hatshepsut. Do you think what Hatshepsut did was fair? Or was it not? Even though Hatshepsut was not fit for a pharaoh, she will be remembered for her bravery for trying to be a king.

Gold Gold Gold!!!!!!!

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Today someone found gold while digging. This person found the gold right outside a tomb with a dead man who was killed for robbing a tomb years ago.

Stolen Pyramid? πŸ˜±πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

News just in, there was a tour in Egypt and a little boy fell off the pyramid platform that was under construction and fell. Many people knew that was the last time they would see home. But when he bounced off the pyramid it deflated like a flat tire!!!!!!!!! The most disturbing part of today was a fat man with terrible sun burn taking a selfie pretending to hold the pyramid.

New KingdomπŸ‘‘πŸ™…πŸ’

Woohoo! Today is the tenth anniversary of the defeat of the Hyksos! After we defeated them, we expanded our land as you know. If you want to celebrate today, go to Thebes where it reflects our art, gold, treasures, and fine gold.

The valley of the kingsπŸ‘‘πŸ™…πŸ’

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Today we have completed the construction of The Valley of the Kings! Now we can bury our kings/pharaohs there! Come down and watch the grand opening of The Valley of the Kings. We hope that this building will stay forever and live on in Egypt.

Job Offer

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Hey! Interested in a job? Well, you can come by and help dig up a buried pyramid. This is an amazing opportunity! You get paid by the king and you get free food and water! You can get to meet new people and discover new things too!

New Fruit?

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There are about 200 people in line at the market trying to make trade today! Our new item is a fruit called grapes it is very squishy, soft, smooth, sweet, and juicy!!!! When you open it little baby seeds come out. We have never seen any fruit like this but I could guarantee this is the most busiest day in the market ever!!!!!


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This rare necklace was found lying around a queen's tomb. Crazy right? We think that it was a queen's. It is made of very rare jewels and beads. It is a colorful beautiful design. People are still trying to find out who made this necklace. Today is is called "The Exotic Peacock"


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Can you believe that Akhenaten made a new rule that there is only one god? Is he out of his mind? Everybody hates him now. He calls himself the servant of Aten. He made a new rule to only worship Aten and forget about the other gods. Hopefully his son will be able to change that.