What I Did This Summer

By: Pranav Subramanian

Went to Oklahoma With Friends

The day after school ended, my friends and I went to On The Border to eat dinner. The day after that, we drove to Oklahoma and stayed at my friend Chandler's house. We explored the forest in his backyard, ate snow cones, went swimming in his pool, and played a lot of video games. We stayed for a week and then had to go home. I cant't wait to go again.

Went To India With My Family

Two days after the Oklahoma trip, my family got on a plane to India. I know that's the stereotypical Indian thing to do but shut up. We stayed at my grandma's house. I got to hang out with my favorite cousin, Nishi. We went to a lot of parties. We stayed there for 2 months. I had a lot of fun.
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Summer Band

A week after my family got back from India, summer band started. I was a section leader for the first time this year, so I had to set a "good example". It was a lot of work, but a lot of good memories were made too, and that made it worthwhile.

I Wanted To Go To Hawaii

I went to Hawaii last year and it was awesome! When my family was there we stayed at a really nice hotel. We spent our time snorkeling, going to the beach, visiting the volcano, and swimming. I had a lot of fun and really wanted to go again this year.
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I Wanted To Visit Minnesota

My best friend, Gavin, lives in Minnesota. We both went to Isbell elementary and became friends in the fifth grade. My brother Vik also became friends with his brother Bennett that year. We hung out a lot and I was really sad when he moved in sixth grade. Since our families are so close, we try to meet up at least once a year, and I was hoping we would get to over the summer. Maybe I'll see him over Winter Break.