3 Jobs in Bio-Medical Engineering

By:De'Andrea Jacobs

Biomedical Engineer

  • Apply knowledge of engineering, biology, and bio-mechanical principles to the design, development, and evaluation of biological and health systems and products, such as artificial organs, prostheses, instrumentation, medical information systems, health management and care delivery systems.
  • Education required is a Bachelor's degree.
  • The salary of this job is $90,000.
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  • They design, measure, fit, and adapt orthopedic braces, appliances or prostheses, such as limbs or facial parts for patients with disabling conditions.
  • The education required for this job is a Bachelor's degree.
  • The salary for this job is $81,000.
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Materials Scientist

  • The research and study the structures and chemical properties of various natural and synthetic or composite materials, including metal, alloys, rubber, ceramics, semiconductors, polymers, and glass.
  • They can also determine ways to strengthen or combine materials or develop new materials with new or specific properties for use in a variety of products and applications .
  • Includes glass scientists, ceramic scientists, metallurgical scientist, and polymer scientists.
  • The education required is a Master's degree,
  • The salary for this job is $88,600.
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