The Rich Hill

Documentary By Andrew Droz Palermo & Tracy Droz Tragos

Purpose of The Film

The film it self was ment for people to see how residents from Rich Hill live, hope and dream. By doing this the documentary shows how 3 boys from Rich Hill live their lifes and films their struggles in a every day life. The film itself did achieve the goal of showing off how people from Rich Hill lived.

Defining The Purpose

The doumentary's purpose was to show off how people from Rich Hill live. The film concentrats on three boys who go through a rough challenge within their every day lifes.The film itself wanted to impact America, "To give dignified voice to people living in rural poverty today, to create a dialogue about equal opportunity and inclusion to invite viewers to respond on an emotional level and encourage them to be agents of change" (Rich Hill Website). Meaning that this whole film was meant to change the way we Americans look at the world and everything around us.

The 3 Boys


Throughout the film, we get to get an inside look on 3 boys who live in RIch Hill. Andrew, who is age 17 right now, Harley age 18 and Appachey the youngest at age 15.