citizenship in america

immigration too!

our country

We have a country .it is called america it has fifty states in all. it even has a flag youHAVE to respect it. you say the pledge of alleigence.this is a way to respect it. our country has a national anthem also every country has one. every country also has a can immigrate to the country have to be 18 at have to take a civics test and pass it you will also take the oath of can also use the natrilization process


our home

there are ten ammendments called the bill of rights.we are thankful for the freedom of worship.we also have veterans we are thankful

quiz :our country many states does our ountry have?

2.what do we pledge to our flag ?

3.what can we do to respect our flag?

quiz: our home many ammendments are there?

2.what do the ammendments do and make?why are we thankful for it?

3.what else do we have in america?


awnser key

our country has fifty states

we pledge alleigence to our flag

we can say the pledge of alleigence to respect our flag or sing national anthem

there are ten ammendments

the ammendments make the bill of rights we are thankful for it because we can do stuff

we also have veterans in america