SCHS Music Notes

September 23 2019

Upcoming Events!!!

Tuxedo Fitting Day NEXT TUESDAY 10/1!

Performing Ensemble Members: In preparation for our upcoming picture day and concert, Friar Tux will be visiting our school to fit students for tuxedos. If you already have a tuxedo or tuxedo-like suit, do not worry, you will not be required to purchase a new one.

However if you need a full suit or just one piece of the suit (i.e. a bowtie, shirt, pants, or jacket), Friar Tux can still help you. If you would like to purchase a full suit or articles of clothing from Friar Tux, please remember that we will be doing fittings in one week from tomorrow (on 10/1) during 3rd period and at lunch.

If you order from Friar Tux, they will give us a discounted rate, do the fitting at school, and send all fitted garments to the school at no shipping cost. I am still waiting for their formal discount letter and order form and will send it directly to everyone via Loop Mail and via your subscription email address as soon as I receive them.

Picture Day during third week of October.

The official date has yet to be determined but it's safe to say that it will be during the school day sometime during the third week of school. Students will need their Concert Black attire for this picture if they wish to be in the picture.

Keep an eye out for any notifications or new calendar events for this day. Picture day will be open to all students enrolled in a performing ensemble during the course of the 2019-20 school year.

Fall Concert: "A Salute to Service"

Performing Ensembles will perform in Honor of our Brave service men and women. This special concert will feature Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Combo, and Drumline and will offer free admission to all enlisted and retired military.

Ticket Sales will be available online via our ASB webstore in the next two weeks (more information coming soon).
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In other News:

Thanks to all who attended our Parent Meeting on 9/17!

If you couldn't attend and would like to see what you missed, please see the link to our meeting notes:

9/17 Parent Meeting Notes

Mark your Calendars! Our Next Meeting is scheduled below!

Parent Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, 7-8:30pm

3900 Cannon Road

Carlsbad, CA

Room 5003 (the music room).

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Your Help Needed for our Silent Auction!

It may seem a ways off, but our Winter Concert and Silent Auction Event is just around the corner. It's not just an ordinary concert. Along with the songs of the season, you can count on a number of fantastic opportunities to win gift cards, items, services, and experiences via our Annual Silent Auction! These silent auction baskets are a great way to celebrate the holidays with you and yours, or you can give your winnings as a gift. However you choose to go about it, know that by supporting our Silent Auction, you are giving back to the music program and helping us to provide a quality music education to our fine students! So THANK YOU in advance!

Regardless of whether or not you can afford to bid on our baskets, there are other things you can do to help our cause!

  • Donate Craft Beer for our Craft Beer baskets or 90+ point Wine (look for 5 cent wine sales) for our Wine basket. Heather Gertzki has a list somewhere with a list of all of the ones available at Trader Joe's for a good price. I will try to get that out to you soon.

  • If you can, join Heather Gertzki and the wonderful members of the Silent Auction committee to help us put on a great show and fundraiser! If you are interested, please be sure to email her at

  • Even if you are unable to join our Silent Auction committee, or to donate something yourself, you can still be of GREAT Help by simply printing a few copies of the letter below and giving them to local businesses (asking for donated items and experiences for our Silent Auction). This is as simple as bringing them to your already planned family dinners and outings and offering them to establishment managers and owners.

Your Donations Are Important!

It may surprise you to know that as a music program, our funding from the district and school is very limited! In fact, we have already used up our site funds purchasing some much needed new instruments. That means that many of the opportunities we want for these fine young musicians, will need some help from you!

At this point, we have funds for sheet music, some minor repairs and not much else.

From your Donations, students will benefit from the following:

  • Coaching (more individualized instruction on their instrument)
  • Transportation and Fees for Music Festivals, Professional Performances, & Events
  • Master Classes
  • Instrument Purchases & Repairs
  • Sheet Music Purchases
  • Awards Banquets
  • Fun Music Excursions & Experiences

Here's how you can help!

I understand that these days, making ends meet is a challenge for many! But, there are many ways you can help to support our program and its students. Please, help in whichever ways you can!

  • Monetary Donation ($60 per trimester is recommended)
  • Instrument or Equipment Donation
  • Amazon Wishlist Item Donation
  • Volunteering for Music Events (ticket sales, student supervision, concessions, etc.)
  • Joining the Music Guild (survey linked below)
  • Attending Parent Meetings (see Google Calendars)
  • Creating a home environment that promotes practicing at home.
Donate via ASB Webstore

* You will likely need to "register" your account, as our ASB is using new software this year.

Calendar Updates & Changes to Note:

Sometimes new events pop up or old ones get canceled/rescheduled! Here are some changes we've got to date:

  • CANCELED: 2019 VAPA Gala--this was on the tentative calendar from last year for October 11th, but there are simply too many big changes in the VAPA department this year for us to do it well. We will pick it up again next year and will likely make it every other year. Instead we will focus all of our collaborative energies into our Farmers Market Themed Festival of the Arts!

  • ADDED (tentatively): SCHS MUSIC PICTURE DAY: Although I have not picked the actual date yet, I am looking into scheduling Picture Day in the 3rd Week of October. Please plan on needing your Concert Black Attire (as described in the syllabus) by that date. FYI, if you plan to purchase a suit or tuxedo, I am sending out some info from our friends at Friar Tux this week about some deals they can work out for you. Be on the lookout for an email about that! ***This does not apply to Instrumental Music students, as they are not a performing ensemble.

  • ADDED (tentatively): Barnes & Noble 3rd day of Gift Wrapping Fundraiser (Friday, December 20th). This would be in addition to our two days that Saturday and Sunday.

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