SSH82: Analyze the importance of Georgia's colonial period

SSH82a: Explain the importance of James Oglethorpe, the Charter of 1732, reasons for settlement, Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove and the city of Savannah

Why do we need to know about this?

Easy! This is the state you live in! It's important to know history of your state! There's some pretty cool information about how our state was formed. Ready?

Before we get started, let's set the record straight.

1. Georgia was officially founded on February 12, 1733

2. Georgia WAS NOT a debtor's colony

3. James Oglethorpe WAS NOT the primary founder or the governor

4. There were 21 trustees responsible for the colony

5. Georgia was the 13th colony

What are the 3 types of colonies?

What did James Oglethorpe have to do with the colonization of Georgia?

1. Member of British Parliament

2. Wanted to create a colony in the New World to help debtors pay off their debt (NOT the reason GA was created)

3. Lobbied to create a new colony, along with 20 other trustees (people who hold responsibility on others behalf)

4. granted a charter by King George II (Charter of 1732)

5. Was the resident trustee (none of the other trustees ever set foot on GA)

6. Served as military & civilian leader of the colony

7. Befriended Native Americans

8. Allowed immigrants to settle the colony

9. Created Savannah (used a modern grid system)

10. Enforced very strict ruled on early colonists (banned slavery & alcohol, limited amount of acreage colonists could have)

11. Eventually forced to leave GA when his rules were challenged (King appointed a royal governor to rule when he left)

12. Was alive to witness GA break from England and become part of the United States of America

What was the Charter of 1732?

Who? Granted by King George II to James Oglethorpe & 20 other trustees

What? Document which allowed for the colony of Georgia to be created

When? 1732

Why? 3 reasons: 1) charity 2) economics 3) defense

Where? between the Savannah & Altamaha Rivers

This document detailed very strict rules on the colonists and was designed differently than the other 12 colonies.

What kind of rules did the colonists have to follow under the Charter of 1732?

  1. No alcohol
  2. No slavery
  3. No liquor dealers, lawyers or Catholics
  4. Colonists were required to grow mulberry trees, indigo & grapes
  5. Could not sell their land
  6. Could not pass on land to female heirs
  7. Had to obey ALL trustee rules
  8. Prohibited Jews in original charter but was later lifted when a Portuguese Jew (doctor) came to GA (credited for saving the colony when disease had spread throughout the colony (original colony doctor died in outbreak)

Reasons for settlement

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  • Chief of Yamacraw Indians
  • Signed Treaty of Savannah which allowed colonists to settle at Yamacraw Bluff (later became colonial capital city of Savannah)
  • Treaty helped to develop a peaceful relationship between the colonist and the Creek
  • Gained wealth from trade and protection from the Spanish
  • Oglethorpe and Tomochichi had a strong and lasting friendship
  • Died in 1739, buried in Savannah with full English military honors
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Mary Musgrove

  • Daughter of Creek Indian and Englishman
  • Served as translator between English colonists and Indians
  • Married to fur trader, John Musgrove
  • Was instrumental in bridging the gap between the Indians and English and further helping the relationship remain peaceful
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Savannah was the 1st permanent settlement in the Georgia colony. It was located on the Yamacraw Bluff, along the Savannah River. It eventually became Georgia's capital. It was unique because of it was North America's first planned city: set up using a grid system which included many town town squares that served as political, social and religious centers. Roads were parallel and perpendicular to each other. A palisade surrounded the city to protect it from invasion.