The Lottery...

A Lulling story that leads you into a trap.

  • If you like mysterious stories that make you wonder and really think about the story, this story is for you
  • This story will make you think twice about religions and old rituals and how blind people are or were.
  • This story has very hidden meanings behind it, if you like to solve clues and analyze mysteries, try this book out!
  • This story will confuse you at first but all make sense when you read it again!
  • This story has a lot of controversy with it, it makes you want to research it.
  • The story has been criticized and bashed around by the media, what’s wrong with it? Find out when you read it!
' "Next thing you know, they'll be wanting to live in caves. nobody work anymore, live that way for a while. Used to be a saying about 'Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.' "

"Although the villagers had forgotten the rituals and lost the original black box, they remembered to use stones."


The picture above represents how people hide it inside their minds, and they know how its bad, but their in denial and they keep it a secret and lie to themselves.
Theme:The cruel and Injust rituals that we create as humans in the past, we are blind to it and continue to do it until its too late.


Conflict: Everyone is waiting in the town square to draw a Lottery. Someone is going to draw the paper marked with the black dot...

Person vs Society.

Setting: In a village, in the morning June 27th

Main Characters: Mr.Summers, Mrs. Dunber, Mrs.Graves, Mrs & Mr. Hutchinson.

Rising Action

The final papers are being picked and people are gettting ready


Mrs.Hutchinson picks a paper..., She holds the paper in her hand and opens it. The paper has a dark coal marked shape on it, a circle, A black dot.


They start to close upon her, every child, every elderly, every man and woman. They pick up a stone, the mountain of rocks that the children gathered. They start walking towards her, she screams her last sentence. "This isn't fair!"