Marvel Fandom

Puny God!

Background Information

How It All Started Off

Started of as Timely Comics

First Comic book was Marvel Comics # 1 published on October 1939

Founded by Martin Goodman and Co-founded by Stan Lee

First Movie was Captain America on 1944

Marvels First TV Show aired 1974


Starting Of The Company

Marvel suffered at the beginning for selling their comics becuase DC was overpowered competition with their Superman and Batman comics.

Later Marvel caught up with DC and beat DC in sales in the 1970's with their Avengers comics and Iron Man Comics.

Current Progress

Marvel TV Shows

Marvel now has 3 TV shows airing successfully with their Daredevil, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter. They have an amazing fanbase.

Competiting TV Shows are Arrow, Flash and League Of Tomorrow and this is heavy competition and because of these TV shows now DC is dominating the TV show business.

Marvel Movies

Marvel is currently overpowering DC with their movies. It basically near a 3:1 ratio of number of Marvel movies is to DC Movies. Marvel is currently planning on nearly 15 more movies to come. Which include the Black Panther, Thor 3, Civil War vs. Batman vs. Superman, Justice League.

Official Fanbase

What Kind Of People Are Fans

People of the 1980's Comic Readers and the Current Generation are the biggest fanbase for Marvel.

Language & Jargon

Mutant - A Person With Superpowers From Birth.

S.H.I.E.L.D - Fictional Espionage and Anti-Terrorism Enforcement Group.

Cosplays And Fan Art


40% Of Marvel Fans Are Women!

According To Facebook Stats Woman Are bringing in a large amount of revenue for Marvel.

Surprising that women read comics. Considering that the largest female fan base is for the comics!

Well 60% Are Men! :(

Most of Marvel's revenue came from the comic book reading men! Men were the ones going crazy from everything from memorabilia collections to movie nights.

Where Does It All Happen?


Comic-Con and Marvel has had a long relationship and this had brought in Marvel a huge fan base and comic con is having a lot of Marvel Meetings bringing in revenue. Comic-Con International has exploded in size and popularity in recent years, bringing in more than $175 million in five days for San Diego in 2012.

How Else Does Marvel Make Money?




Memes And Famous Sayings

The Avengers - Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist - Funny Tony Stark Scene [HD]
Hulk - "I'm Always Angry" 1080p
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Marvel has a lot of merchandise which can lead to pirating of most products. Like pirating everything from music to movies and copying the logo to make duplicate merchandise.

Most Of The Marvel Memoribilia Your Seeing Might Be Fake!

A lot of people started making companies which started illegally using the companies name to make a lot of revenue that at one time they couldn't keep track.

Why Is There A Lot of Marvel Merchandise Out There?

When the company was started it started going bankrupt and they needed to do something so they landed into the merchandise business and movie industry. After this Marvel started investing a lot of money. So most of the Marvel Comic book writers were quite poor and did anything for money. Even leaking information. (Including Stan Lee) But it didn't really matter cause now Marvel has reached new heights.

Future Of The Company

Marvel Has An Amazing Future

Marvel was recently bought by Disney and sales has shot up. Disney is making 15 new films with Marvel. This has got fans highly anticipated with Marvel. But most fans are disappointed with the relationship with Disney because Disney is believed to be a children's entertainment company while Marvel is hardcore action and violence. But it is believed that the films are going to be a blockbuster!

Most Famous Characters And Info


Spider-Man was a big hit with comic book fans and movie fans for the first 3 parts but then due to the change of the actor in the film Marvel had lost some of its fans.

Captain America

Captain America was one of the first comics to bring the most revenue to Marvel Comic Industry and was the first hero to get a movie in 1944.


The First Grouped Super-Hero gang which began with Wolverine and slowly became more violent and adult-rated comics.


The first and last movie to be R Rated and this was a big surprise when people came to know this there was extreme disappointment and excitement. Children Vs. Adults. The explanation was that "This Is Deadpool!" by the director.

The Reason Behind All The Fans!

What Created The Hard Core Fan Base?

When Marvel started of everybody thought it was a joke. But later with the comic trend going on everbody moved from they're black and white TV screens to these awesome colored superhero comics and there was this spark of enlightenment for superhero craze people sided up DC Vs. Marvel. Marvel Currently Has More Fans Than DC thanks to people like us!

Anticipation Created By The Company

You never know what's gonna happen next and this makes the company a very anticipated one! They might suddenly crossover two stories or make a new hero or create a movie or TV Show and much more!

Literary Device To Explain Company

Escapism because it feels like it's happening in the real world with its references to some real cities and the concept of civilians in the comics and movies.

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