AIESEC Visakhapatnam

The month to come

Quarter 2 has been amazing for AIESEC Visakhapatnam. Despite most of the members are not in city but we witnessed 25 matches in May which was the highest number in 2016 and we reached 55 Matches in May which was the highest number of matches till date for AIESEC Visakhapatnam.
We had few campaigns running this month and they were

  • Civil war campaign [GCO]
  • Courage campaign [GTS]
  • Summer Peak campaign

Global leaders experiencing Global citizen

Manjeera vutukuri

Team leader- Global citizen students

Aditya voleti

Team leader - Global talent

Department updates

Global Citizen Students, Kryptonites.

  • 3 matches
  • 4 realizations

Global Citizen Students, The Wolf Pack.

  • 6 matches
  • 6 realizations

Global citizen Organizations, Myrmidons.

  • 10 matches

Global Talent Students, FATEH.

  • 2 raises in pipeline

Global Talent Organisations, FATEH.

  • 6 matches

45 matches more to reach the dream.

"100 is just not a number", said many. Yes it is just not a number many of us have shared our blood and sweat for the last 152 days and those efforts shouldn't go in vain. With 45 matches still to be achieved in the next 30 days let us Gather confidence from every corner and give a kick ass ending to quarter 2.