The Romeo and Juliet Code

By Maddie Van Hove


Felicity Bathburn lived in London before she was forced to leave when Germany started dropping bombs. As she arrives she is greeted by her Anut Miami, The Gram, and her uncle Gideon. She soon meets a boy name Derek, due to polio he has a useless left arm. Soon letters start arriving from a anonymous person, Felicity is sure it is her parents. As she and Derek grow closer they soon discover the letters hold codes. Will they crack it? And how?

Historical summary

Franklin D Roosevelt, was the 32nd president and the longest serving. His wife was Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, and together they had 6 children. He was elected March 4th 1933. In the book, Franklin Roosevelt received a letter from Felicity and replied to her letter. But was also mention quite a few times in other places of the book.

FDR in the book.

He was mention only alittle in the book. One of the biggest mention of him is when he wrote a letter back to Felicity. Other mentions of him where usually in conversations around the table or they were talking about the war.


My thought is the theme is to always move forward no matter what comes in your way. Felicity showed it when her Uncle Gideon always took the letters away. But Felitcy still found a way no matter what the obstacle.


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