Emily Dorsey

all about me

Things I like do

I like to play on my computer,play with my cats and dogs,watch TV,work on cars,eat pizza and play video games.

i am a daddy's girl

i am a daddy's girl because i love working on cars with him and i am a little fixer

my brother,granddad,and me

What I do in my freetime

In my free time I am either playing with my animals or I am on my computer,

but,sometimes i like ti help my dad work on cars.

all my animals

All the animals I have or have had names are Zoe,Duke,Reaper,Damage,Sammy,Milo,starlet,Bearbear,Shilo,Cleo,DaisyMay,Bojangles,Sampson,Blue,Oreo,Cookiesadncream,Bearbear j.r,Lucky and Shy