Pioneer Community Update 8/21

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August 21, 2020

Dear Pioneer Parents and Community,

One week many to go? Just teasing, we don’t start that countdown until after Christmas (although this may be the year we start)! Personally, I want to start a countdown to the vaccine so that we can put this all behind us!

This week went incredibly well. Thank you for sending your kiddos in their masks! It is apparent that you ALL helped get your student ready for school by having them wear a mask in public over the summer. Very few students had any issue with the mask, although everyone - teachers and students - needed an occasional mask break. It was fun seeing the faces of our kiddos IN PERSON after so many months. This week was about helping students learn and understand the new procedures, of which there are many. Next week, we will be able to start instruction knowing that our students are being safe.

Monday will be the first day of school for our A Cohort kids and B Cohort will start on Tuesday. B Cohort students will NOT have an online assignment on Monday. Online work will begin for Cohort A on Tuesday.

In person instruction will be focused on reading, writing and math. Science, social studies, health and social-emotional health will be integrated into literacy activities AND assigned for independent study. We are hoping that by breaking up our instruction in this way we can help students catch up after being home for so many months, and keep up with grade level expectations despite being in school just two days a week.

Teachers have been collaborating to create an engaging and effective online learning experience for Pioneer Students. On Fridays, teachers are planning to provide a variety of synchronous learning activities like class meetings, whole group and small group instruction. Additionally, students will have assignments to complete independently. Mondays through Thursdays, students will need to be very independent. Teachers are planning to assign iReady Instructional activities, post videos and send home independent practice activities. We will be starting slowly! Assignments the first few weeks will be designed to help students learn how to work independently, access their online learning resources and learn how to work safely and effectively in an online classroom. Teachers will most likely avoid rigorous instructional activities for a week or two in order to concentrate on the skills students will need to be successful at online schooling. As students develop the skills and stamina for more rigor, you will see longer and more complex assignments.

You can help your child by setting up a quiet work space in which they can get their school work done. Try to find a private space, free from siblings and pets, for class meetings and instruction. If you want to join your student in an online meeting, please check with the teacher in advance. If you have a question for the teacher, please send it via email and try not to interrupt the online class while other students are present. A challenge is that teachers will be teaching class Monday through Thursday and will only be available to work with students online on Fridays. We have arranged to provide office hours for all students Monday through Thursday, so that if you or your student has a question, they can get a quick answer. Our teachers will not be available for office hours, but our Educational Assistants will be available. Teachers will be sending out information about how to access office hours soon.

One last thing, this week we will have two important meetings that we would love for parents to attend. First, on Wednesday evening, we will have our first School Accountability Committee (SAC) meeting of the year. The SAC is charged with providing input and feedback to the school principal on important issues like safety, budget and achievement. The committee consists of administrators, teachers, parents and community members. It is a great way to get the “inside scoop” on all things going on at Pioneer. The SAC meeting will be at 5:30 on Wednesday, below is the link. The Parent Teacher Organization will be meeting on Thursday at 5:00, the link to that meeting is below as well. The PTO organizes all our school events and fundraising activities. Both committees welcome new members at any time.

I have heard so many kind and compassionate comments this week. Thank you for supporting our teachers during these difficult times. Pioneer teachers are working hard to ensure that our students have a fun, engaging and productive year.


Kelli Bainbridge

SAC Meeting link:

Join with Google Meet

Join by phone

‪(US) +1 321-549-8906‬ PIN: ‪507 250 406‬#

PTO Meeting link:

Join with Google Meet

Join by phone

‪(US) +1 414-909-7150‬ PIN: ‪280 367 721‬#

School Pictures

School pictures will take place on September 8th and 9th. More information will be shared in the next couple of weeks.

Car Pool Families, Please have the name(s) of the children on your right side dash

Parents – A PikMyKid Update

The more we learn about PikMyKid, the more excited we become, and the more we know you will love the app. Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, at your convenience, visit the appropriate app store and download the PikMyKid app. Once downloaded, the registration process is very simple. More information on that in the next update.

We will begin using the PikMyKid system in seven school days so get ready. Here are a couple of highlights for you to consider.

1. You will be able to easily change the pickup individual, the pickup mode, and send your child to an ‘After School’ program up to 30 minutes before dismissal. And you will receive a text notification acknowledging that change.

2. You will receive a notification from our school as your child leaves campus. This means you will be aware of the precise moment your child is dismissed, whether it be on a bus, by walking/biking, or in the car line.

Get ready!

Student Chromes are coming home with Hybrid Students; Please read

Attention Families: Chromes will be coming home with Hybrid Students starting Monday, August 17th. We ask that these chromes charge overnight and return with your child on their next hybrid day. Please work out a routine with your student so they come to school prepared each day. If you have not filled out the Pioneer Tech Agreement, please do so here.

Medication drop off

If families have medication that their child needs to take while at school, we ask that you coordinate a time with our school nurse to do so. Please call 303-387-8400

Student Birthday Recognition

New fundraising option this year! Birthday messages on the new marquee! If you’d like to purchase a spot on the marquee for a fun birthday message for your student please sign up here, The cost is $10 and cash or checks are accepted at this time. Please make checks out to Pioneer Elementary School PTO and have your student turn them into the front office. If you have any questions please email the PTO at
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The Pioneer Spirit Wear store is now open! Orders can be sent directly to your home or Pioneer for pick up. Follow the link below for t-shirts, sweatshirts, and masks!

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We have some school supply kits available

We have some school supply kits available. If you would like to purchase one, please email and we can arrange for you either to pick up or send home with your child.
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Raise funds the socially-distant way! We are having a spirit "night" with Papa John's that lasts ALL DAY on Thursday, August 27th. A percentage of all sales from us will be donated back to Pioneer! If you turn in the flyer (that will be posted on the event page), or just mention Pioneer, we will get credit. Also, tell them your teacher's name and the class with the most participation will earn free pizza for their amazing teacher! Papa John’s is also now offering a NO-CONTACT delivery option (info posted on event page). Thanks so much for supporting our school!

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Our next virtual meeting will be Thursday, August 27th at 5:00. We hope you will join us as we begin the year and support Pioneer during this very different start to the school year. Please email us with any questions. We'll see you soon!