Medical Assistants

By: Brianna Morris

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Job Description

A Typical day as a Medical Assistants is:

  • check emails
  • log on Electronic Medical Records (EMA) System and check their schedule for the day.
  • then they print that out.
  • look at what types of appointments are coming in.
  • Then talk with the nurse practitioner that they work with .
  • Then they start taking patients when they come in. each patient needs or requires something different.
  • For every visit, they take the patient to the waiting room,log onto the EMR system, make sure the basic information hasn't changed and enter it in the system.
  • record their blood pressure, height, and weight. And change them into if needed.
  • get the right equipment out that is needed and set it up. After that, they let them know that the doctor will be in soon.
  • the appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes apart from each other.
  • with that 15 minutes, they check emails, post important information like blood results and share results.
  • they clean every exam room- wipe down, they put all the tools and bring things down to the lab.
  • also, they have to handle prescriptions. For example,fax prescriptions and verify them too.
  • lastly, they clean every procedure rooms and they have to clean every tool that was used.
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Working Conditions

  • on your feet all the time from the time you begin the day to the end of the day.

Training/Education Requirements

1 to 2 years

Earnings & Job Outlook

  • $14.71 hourly and $30,590 a year.

UIE College

UIE College,Huntington Park

Huntington Park, California

if you are interested in a health career and you are outgoing. Then you should pursue a career as a medical assistance.

Kaplan University

Davenport, Lowa

They offer a many different careers and many different ways to learn.

Brightwood college, Houston North


We have a programs that adds flexibility and education to our programs.

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outgoing person

A medical assistance needs to be outgoing to be able to work with people.


A medical assistant needs to be passionate about what they do for it to seem less like a job.


A medical assistant needs to be organized to be able to keep up with records and other things like that.