New York

New York-New Life

Dutch settled British Famous

In 1624, the Dutch settled along the banks of the Hudson River. In 1626, they settled in New Amsterdam on the main island today known as Manhattan. Only a few years later the British enganged in a small battle and gained control over the Island and renamed it New York in honor of the Duke of York.

Shipping New York Away

When I moved to New york in 1670 I was employed as a ship builder. The Shipping industry in New York was flourishing because of the deep harbor and abundant resources in the colony. My first project was building a British Warship. The ship was huge, requiring over 2,000 trees to build. Timber was very abundant in the colony making it every economical for the ship to be made here in New York. After we completed many ships we wee known worldwide for the excellent ships we had built. This news allowed us to acquire more deals and increased the economy here in New York. The population was almost doubling every 10-15 years showing that the colony was prosperous because otherwise the population would have decreased. Slavery did exist within the colony, but it was not very common because some of the plantations needed helping hands with the grain and cotton that grew in New York. I really enjoyed living in New York, the land is great for ship building and the nice harbor allows for easy transport to and from England.