Cabin Fever

Countdown to FUNtime

Jack Frost is blowing through town keeping everything on ice.

Its a great time to start planning for those parties. You know the ones that are coming.... baby shower, bridal shower, birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, graduations and the list goes on. You can have a party to get things ordered and earn hostess rewards. Have a Thirty-One party! Have friends order what they need for those same parties and get some great hostess gifts for yourself in the process!! There is always a monthly special everyone can take advantage of, to help with the cost of things.

Cabin Fever Game

I am selling tickets for $5.00 each and I am purchasing gifts with the money. All money will go to the purchase of gifts and gifts will be given out to ticket holders. There will be a drawing for each gift until all gifts have be given out. Since this isn't a party hostess gifts won't be awarded. Dates for drawings will be announced.

Rene's Totes 4 U

I am a Thirty-One Independent Consultant, and would be happy to plan a party for you. I can help you to get started in your own business in Thirty-One as a consultant or if you just want to place an order I can also help with that as well. Feel free to contact me.