"In Union and Liberty"


Argentina was once under control of Spain and became independent in July 9, 1816. They been under their own government control since then. Though Argentina is seperate from Spain, they continue to speak Spanish.


Argentina is a democratic republic run by President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. Argentina is on good terms with other countries and has a steady trade with many countries around the world.

Economy & Trade

The currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso. One Argentine Peso is equal to 0.11 United States Dollars. The economic system is capitalism.

Main Imports: cars, petroleum gas, vehicle parts, refined petroleum, and telephones.

Main Importing Countries: Brazil, China, United States, Germany, and Mexico.

Main Exports: soybean meal, corn, soybean oil, cars, delivery trucks

Main Export Receiving Countries: Brazil, China, Chile, United States, and Spain.

5 Argentine Pesos

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Capital: Buenos Aires

Major cities: Santa Fé, Córdoba


Argentina is located east to the Andes Mountains and Chilean border, south of Paraguay and Bolivia, west of Atlantic Ocean, Uruguay, and Brazil.
Cataratas del Iguazú - Iguazú Argentina


Argentina is popular for housing the great Iguazú Falls. The falls are 640 feet tall and have a restaurant overlooking the falls. For the darker side, a person could visit La Recoleta Cemetery with a tour guide. The grand cemetary is full of large mausoleums and vaults. A girl named Liliana Crociati died during her honeymoon and buried wearing her wedding dress.

La Recoleta Cemetary

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