AVID Semester Exam

Cody Bryan, 1-11-16, 7th

Cornell Note-Taking

Cornell note-taking helped me in my first semester of school. It helped me because the note style is more organized than just writing regular notes on a piece of paper. Also because when we were doing something in class and i needed help i could look at my notes and find it because it was really organized and i can find what i am looking for easily.



Tutorials are great for me especially when i need help on a topic in class. This is also good if you run out of time in class and the teacher could not help you because there was no time left. When there is tutorials they don't just tell you the answer to the problem they help you remember how to do the problem and not just the answer.


Public Speaking

Public Speaking made me a better person i think. It made me a better person because before i was really shy to be in front of new people that i never known. But know i am not shy in front of people. This helps in public also because when you meat someone new you wont be shy to talk to people.



Organization is one of the keys in AVID. It will help you through life a lot because messy in not good specially if you are looking for something, like to turn in something that is do.Also when teachers take binder checks its easy to get a easy one hundred.



TRF are good for me because i write down what i need help with and i get help from my fellow students. Also i can finish my work quicker when i get help.


Community Service

Community service is great for everybody. Its fun and you get out more and help out. It will help you out with credits in high school.


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How did i grow as a student this semester?

This semester i became a better student because i was more active in class. I got help from my students in class. Also i was better as a Student Overall.

What will i do next semester to continue to grow in these areas?

i can work more in class and do better in class. Also get help from my Parents and brother. Also i can become better note taking.