Articles of Confederation

by: Logan Shinski

What is The Articles of Confederation?

The Articles were the first attempt at a government or constitution. It was not a very successful attempt as it had many issues and weaknesses.

Why are They so Weak?

The Articles of Confederation had many weaknesses that dragged them down. First of all they lacked power to enforce the laws, levy taxes, and to control trade between the states. lastly the Articles of Confederation required all 13 states to vote unanimously to make changes in the articles. This caused many arguments because they could never agree on anything and many people thought this caused them to be a broken government.

Were There Any Strengths?

yes, even though it may seem like they weren't successful at all considering all the weaknesses, there was some benefits to The Articles of Confederation. This included them governing the nation during the Revolutionary War, negotiating the Treaty of Paris, they created the Land Ordinance of 1785 and the North Ordinance of 1787.

Northwest Ordinance of 1787

This was a set of rules set to state when a territory has 5,000 free adult males, that state can elect its own legislature and if a state reaches a population of 60,000 it can apply to become a state. This ordinance also stated that settlers are equals and have the same rights as other citizens. One of the big points this covered was there was to be no slavery in this territory.
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Shays Rebellion

Shays Rebellion was a name given to a series of protests in 1786-1787. These protests were American farmers against the state because of debt. This was most serious in Massachusetts because of the great economical depression. The rebellion got its name from the leader Daniel Shays who was a former captain in the Continental army.

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