Ancient Africa

By Ray Gaither

The size of Africa

We all know that Africa is a big country but know one ever really tell us how big. In the picture you can see that it is probably bigger than you thought. It a good idea to even just teach your students the size of the country's because the maps aren't to scale and most people don't know that.

Gold rich land

It there is this guy named Mansa Musa and he had so much gold from Africa he went to a village and handed it out and the economy for gold fell for 20 years. This may not be the most important stuff to learn in history but it my class mates are liking this better than anything we have done so far.

Some pictures of Africa


All the different types of Turan is important because it is one of the few places that has a rainforest, dessert and plains. The dessert is the biggest in the world. And it just happens to be on the equator so it has a rainforest. It is probably the diverse place in the world. I can't believe teachers

Diversity of people

There is around 3000 languages spoken in Africa and over 376 religions. There are so many different climates and regions that people are so much different. I think it would be helpful to go into that a little bit because I think that is so interesting and Ian a student. So probably a lot of people would think it is interesting.


There are people in Africa called Berbers and all they do is travel trade routs and trade. And they do it on camels throughout he dessert. It is probably one of the hardest routes to trade on. I am glad that I learned that because I would have never thought someone could travel across that that long ago.