MY Academy Board Update

School Highlights - September 2020

Enrollment 171 as of 9/28/2020

Track E- July 1, 2020 - March 30, 2021

45 Enrolled:

  • 0 - Imperial County
  • 2 - Orange County
  • 10 - Riverside County
  • 33 - San Diego County

Track F
- August 24, 2020 - May 27, 2021

126 enrolled:

  • 1 - Imperial County
  • 11 - Orange County
  • 18 - Riverside County
  • 96 - San Diego County


The MY Academy team is growing!

Hourly Math Support Teacher, Cheryl Tyler was hired for targeted intervention in math. She is an award-winning veteran teacher and has taught mathematics in training for the San Diego County Office of Education.

School Counselor, Ms. Sevcik, comes to MY Academy with high school experience in Joliet, Illinois, Community College experience in Irvine, CA, and was most recently a counselor at an Adult School in Tustin, CA


UC/CSU A-G Course list has been updated - click here for a complete list and titles

A - History / Social Science - 6 classes offered

B - English - 4 classes offered

C - Mathematics - 8 classes offered

D - Science w Lab - 8 classes offered

E - Language Other Than English - 4 classes offered

F - Visual and Performing Arts - 3 classes offered

G - Electives - 138 classes offered

Teacher of Record, Nick Pradel, shares:

Over the summer I participated in CSU-Northridge's instructional course to help teachers become credentialed in Physics. I learned about valuable sites that I can incorporate such as and These are online labs that I can utilize during this time to help modify curriculum for students as well as expand and test their knowledge.

Teacher of Record, Melissa Blitzstein, shares:

3rd-grade students are learning about motion and built a Rube-Goldberg alarm clock to depict pushes, pulls, and changes in direction. Here is Carlee B explaining and executing her Rube-Goldberg alarm clock.

Carlee Science Alarm Clock Intro
Carlee Science Alarm Clock

Learning and Teaching

Teacher of Record, Noel Larsen, shares: Two students on my roster are enrolled in AP courses and dual-enrolled at Grossmont Community College.

Teacher of Record, Nick Pradel, shares: One student is enrolled in 3 AP courses.

Teacher of Record, Tamara Miller, shares: One student is enrolled in an AP course.

Teacher Nick Pradel shares: As the start of school was approaching, I realized that we will be online learning more. Therefore, I looked at the Edmentum science labs to review which labs students can complete with minimal tools and equipment and still learn. I modified certain labs that I thought needed more equipment. As a result, I have labs ready for students that they can easily do from home and still learn key concepts in their science class.

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Assessments and Accountability

MY Academy leadership is working with The Collaborative CSO to determine if all incoming new English Language Learners are properly identified.

Teachers of Record are using results of initial academic assessments and results of a career interest survey to create a personalized learning experience for each student in grades 6-12.

School Culture and Support

    Development and Implementation of Staff Portal

    An organizational database platform has been developed by Administrative Assistant, Gigi Lenz. It functions as our school central office. Everything a MY Academy staff member could need, including forms, requests, curriculum resources, and video recordings of professional developments is housed here. It is also used for internal accounting functions and reporting. Streamlining tasks to increase efficiency has dramatically improved the ability of the entire MY Academy team to serve students and families.

    Athletes enrolled in MY Academy

    Development and Integration of Restorative Principles

    On September 23, 2020, Assistant Director, Bill Dobson, School Psychologist, Daniel Espinoza, and School Counselor, Roger Brown, met via ZOOM with Anthony Ceja, Senior Manager in the SDCOE Student Support Services department, to explore the development of restorative practices to the MY Academy community. This initial conversation transitioned toward the needs of an individual student who lives as a member of the Campo Kumeyaay Nation and is enrolled in MY Academy.

    A Shift in the Atmosphere: Leadership in a Time of Covid-19, Equity and Social Justice

    Assistant Director, Bill Dobson, participated in a webinar presented by the San Diego County Office of Education.

    September 14, 2020 - All-Staff meeting topics included:

    • Student attendance interventions

    • Suicide awareness

    • October 7th census data will be double-checked with families

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