Island's End

Padma Venkatraman

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Padma Venkatraman

Also known as T.V. Padma, She was born in Chennai, India in 1969. She is a devoted author for children and adult books. She graduated the College of William and Mary with a doctorate in oceanography. She is currently Director of Graduate Diversity Affairs at the University of Rhode Island.


The main character is a young girl named Uido who is very estatic when she finds she is chosen to be the oko-jumu, or the spiritual leader of her tribe. She has much love her all of her family but is forced to make a tough decision when her brother becomes very sick.
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"A warm breeze carrying the scent of vanilla flowers caress my bare skin. Clouds blow like white petals across a blue sky and i hear a beautiful voice singing" This passage represents the beautiful nature found in some places. pg.1

Person who would like this book

Some people that may find this book appealing are people who would like to read about mystery, action and love.

Did i like it

I thought the book was better then what i expected. Im not a big fan of love stories but it did have a lot of action which i love.
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