Tiger Press

Teacher Appreciation Week

Weeks of May 2nd & May 9th

Important Dates


Pasta lunch today

1:00-3:00 AR Prize outside


Lunch provided by Chick-fil-a

3:15 GATE Class, Yoga and Garden Club

5:30 SMMS Principals to present to 5th grade parents (MPR and Library)


9:00 PTO Board Meeting

Cool Treat during lunch from Kona Ice

2:30 PLC

Kona Ice Fundraiser after school


Cinco de Mayo Nachos for lunch


Flag Salute for Primary

5th grade Panoramic Picture

Math TOSAs on site for 1st to model lessons


8:00 ELAC Board Meeting


EES- MPR in the AM and PM

9:00 Stephanie to DO

Garden and Yoga


Reclassification Breakfast in the MPR

2:30 Staff Meeting


10:30 Superintendent's Site Visit

2:00 Food Pantry


8:45 Upper grade Flag

2nd to Sea World

Tiger Tid-Bits

-Teacher Appreciation Week- Find the Feeling Week of Fun

We hope you are feeling the love this week. We are so lucky to work in a super special school and that we are able to spoil all of you with some fun treats. Our PTO has worked hard to make it an extra special week- ENJOY!!

-Congratulations to Kari, she will be stepping into the role of Instructional Specialist next year.

-Have you checked out our garden lately? Mrs. Lyon and Mr. Chapman's class are now helping out. Stop by to see what they have added to the south end of the garden.

-Way to go Mrs. Gates's students- their Passion Projects were very interesting and informative.


-AR incentive for April-We will have Kite Making and Flying Day. We will have kids come out in 30 minute blocks this time. Please see this schedule

1:00-1:30 1st

1:30-2:00 2nd

2:00-2:30 3rd and 5th

2:30-3:00 4th

-Martha, our Medi-Cal counselor is now working as a SMUSD counselor. She will be part time at SME as our school counselor and part time (we hope) as Medi-Cal Counselor. Next year Natalie will be going to part time. We will send update on how our counseling will work as we figure it out in the next few weeks. Congrats Martha!!!



STAPLES and Current Wisdom Foundation Grants

Please see me if you are interested in applying for this simple grant. If you are looking for more ideas or have something you really have been wanting for your class, this is the grant for you!

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