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What's been going on....

What's been going on....

One of the best professional development activities a teacher can engage in is curriculum development. I feel very good that at Jefferson we are working on curriculum and I get to be a part of that development.

Shameless Plug...

After working with the data teams, I thought I'd share a little about a few topics related to Kagan.

Teambuilding: should be done twice a week. Can be done in just a few minutes. When teams are new, they can share their dream car and why they want that car. They can tell what animal they would be and why. Page 10.4 in the Kagan "text" gives good "getting to know you" teambuilding strategies.

If the teams have been together a while, and need to build an identity. Check out page 10.13 in the Kagan "text" or all of chapter 10!

Classbuilding: should be done weekly AND can be done in just a few minutes! Mix-Pair-Share is a great structure to use for classbuilding. Providing a few questions to the class allows them all to share! Check out chapter 9!

Here's the shameless plug....If you would like me to come in and model or bring you an idea, let me know! You know where I live!

Alternatives to Traditional Homework

I found this on Twitter and thought it might help you when you are considering homework. Let me know if I can help you in any way!
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Kelly Neylon

Michelle DeSalvo, LBS from Edgewood, and I were together this summer at our graduation from National Louis University. Another colleague also graduating was Murphy's Sonja Jardine, although after the ceremony we couldn't find her to join us in our selfie!