Race the Commissioner!


2013 "Run With Pride" / Kevin Flach Scholarship Fund 5k Run 1k Walk

Back in April, I threw down the challenge for a race in the annual 5K "Keep the Parade" running event. Two people from Ward 12 had faster times than I did. So... I want a re-match!

Let's see if I can beat them this time, as well as any new challengers. My time was about 25 minutes... can you top that? Let's find out!

I checked with the Run with Pride organizers, and this is only meant to enhance the race. I will be in a red shirt with white letters that reads: I ♥ Glenside. Find me before or after the race. Prizes will be available for those can cross the finish line before me.

Can you beat Tom in race?

Saturday, June 8th, 9am

2336 Fairhill Ave

Glenside, PA

St. Joseph the Protector School Parking Lot


Race Times

6 - 8 p.m - Packet pick-up in StJP Gym: 6.6.13 and 6.7.13 (Thurs and Fri)

9 a.m. - Race begins!

9- 9:30 a.m. - We find out who can beat Tom in a race!

Tom's Prizes for Ward 12 Residents who can beat him in the 5K:

Tom at the Phillies 5K March 23, 2013 and below at the Keep the Parade Running 5K with Commissioner Carol Gillespie. Looks like Tom is ready...

Are you ready to race?!