Olympic athlete Hayley Wickenheiser

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All about Hayley's medals

Hayley Wickenheiser has 20 gold medals she got one in 2010 in Vancouver . She also has 10 silver she got one in china , 2008 . In her whole carrier she has no bronze medals. As any another hockey player she was so happy when she got 20 gold . This women is going to retire soon . The final thing is that they won gold this year in women's hockey .

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How does she do it ?

Life of Hayley

Hayley is 35 years old she had a dream of being a hockey player . Once she saw the boys play she wanted to play . Her parents said that a girl should not play hockey . But she never gave up . This is why she is the person she is now .

Hayley's son and husband

Hayley's husband and son are who keep her happy and also her friends . She does have to go to professional hockey almost everyday and leave her son home . She was going to be a doctor and she is after she retires this year . Hayley is going to medical school after she retires.

Fun facts about Hayley

Hayley has only won 4 medals at the Olympics 1 silver and 1 gold . She also plays in the summer Olympics on the softball team and fast ball team . On February 20 2014 she was elected to the International Olympic Committee's athlete commission . Hayley is considered the best women hockey player.

This is why I picked Hayley as my Olympian

I picked Hayley as my athlete because she was Canada's flag barrier . I thought that was really cool and I did some research on her . Then eventually I picked her as my athlete. This is why I picked Hayley Wickenheiser as my athlete .