Civil War Digital Scrapbook

Emilia Minton

July 3, 1860

Today was my birthday I had so much fun playing outside with Charlotte and John and Katherine. They are my sibling John is 16 and so is Katherine, twins, momma was very lucky to have them. Charolette is my slave that daddy bought me when he was in florida. Charolette is a bit older than me but she is still very fun. We had my birthday in Mommas garden, we ate a vanilla cake with strawberry icing that charlotte made for me. It was my thirteenth birthday and momma finally got my own handmade crochet pick to make my own blankets. I cannot wait to crochet with momma on sundays it will be so much fun. Daddy found this picture of the house and gave it to me to put in my diary. I am so glad that today was sunny usually it is rainy and cloudy in the month of July in Philadelphia.

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April 12, 1861

Fort Sumter has fallen the south has announced the beginning of the war. The union lost the first battle against the confederates. General Armstrong against General Beauregard. General Armstrong was the Union general. Brother is off to go fight and Daddy is considering going to help out with the wounded soldiers. Momma and i do not want him to go but that is not our decision. Daddy gave me this picture so that I would always feel like he is with with me whenever he is away. It is hard to believe that the south left they left because they wanted to protect their way of life selfish people I know.

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August, 1862

We just got word that the 2nd bull run was won by the confederacy this is super frightening to all of the civilians on the north. The confederates so far have won three battles and we have won one. This is causing a lot of chatter about who will be the next President and talking about Lincoln not running again. Momma is having a lot of trouble coping with daddy being gone and john being gone but that is why Katherine and I are here to keep her company. Momma bought me a new dress today says that I will be going to a party with some of her friends and daughters to talk about the hardships of war.

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September, 1862

Father is very worry he sends me a letter stating that watching wars was no longer done by most citizens. The reason for this was Antietam, this battle was named the most bloody battle so far because of all the deaths. Momma is very worried that John is hurt but Daddy said that there is no way your brother would give up so easily especially when he loves his family so much. Daddy got a picture of John before he left for the war. I was cleaning daddies study room when I found it. Don’t tell mama that I took it or I will not be able to do my crocheting anymore.

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December, 1862

Momma and I cannot stand the confederates anymore they have won so many battles and the Union is not giving it their all. Lincoln has sent out a proclamation called The Emancipation Proclamation. This stated that all slaves that rebel against the confederates are free. I think this is a swell idea because more slaves are escaping to the north. Daddy sent a letter and said that all the slaves have been escaping and that he is happy for them.

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The war is finally over. I am so happy for all the people that get to come home to their families, i am definitely super excited for my brother to be coming home. Now that the south is being readmitted to the union I believe that they should get a second chance to redeem themselves. Mama is very happy that she doesn’t need to run the plantation anymore and that Father will be coming home to run the house and get back to his studies. Now that the war is over there is a new rule for the South and that is they will live in five districts each one run by a general and a group of troops. John is going to go back to one of the districts to run them. I am just happy that the fighting is over.

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