Pawprints-Teleschool Edition

March 24, 2020

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3-24-2020 Teleschool Updates

From Ms. Dewey, Counselor

Please check out my video that includes a quick chat, a story, and my contact information! Once you are done watching the video, please feel to check out the other videos on my YouTube channel. Take care and Be Kind!

There are some wonderful Social Emotional Learning activities on the Fulton County website. Please be sure to take a look:

If you need to get in contact with me, please feel to call at 678-327-5847 or email at Students are more than welcome to call, text, or Facetime me!

Student Device Needs

Parents/Guardians, if you are in need of a laptop to checkout for your 3rd-5th grade student, please email Dr. Dumas or respond to this message.

Teleschool Feedback Request

We aim to do our part to make Teleschool as smooth and helpful as it can be as we continue to learn together. Please take a moment to provide some feedback so that we can celebrate what's going well and improve where needed. Thank you!

Click here for the brief survey

3-20-2020 Teleschool Updates

Hillside Community,

We've made it through our first week of teleschool! Thanks to all of you for getting through the first week of this current norm. Your patience, assistance, perseverance, and hard work were also necessary for our students to find success this week. Thank you! We're here for you --please let us know how we can assist if needed.


The minimal requirements for Teleschool are listed below. There are many optional/"may do" activities throughout the plans, but students should at minimum adhere to the following. Reading and math are the priority:

  • PK-2nd Grade: 30 min reading/ELA, 30 min math
  • 3rd-5th Grade: 35 min reading/ELA, 35 min math, 20 min specials (5th grade will also have social studies/science on select days)
  • Social Emotional Lessons are also included each week (optional)

Meals for Students

The district has now added additional meal sites for our students. Beginning Monday, families can pick up breakfast and lunches from Esther Jackson Elementary, Holcomb Bridge Middle, or Haynes Bridge Middle School according to location or preference. FCS- created work packets will also be available for families that prefer paper copies.

Note from Ms. Dewey, Counselor


Contact information

Lesson Plans

The Hillside teacher created lesson plans are listed below for our on- level students. For all past resources and information, please see the previous week's Pawprints, linked at the bottom.

Dr. Dumas Reads

Join me on YouTube as I read children's books for our students! Click HERE for the channel. :-)

Parent Resources

Teleschool Help

If you need any technical assistance, such as with Classlink, iReady, log-in information and more, please call the call center below. For content assistance, please email the teacher directly.

TeleSchool Call Center for Parents/Students

Open from 8 am -4 pm